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Registration for courses at the first three levels D01, D02, D03 is available to anyone who has posted 2 messages on the forum: A student who does not complete the course may repeat the same level the following year, but must begin again from lesson 01 of that level and submit new recordings of the required pieces.

I ask my forum students acordat chitarra clasica online dating provide help and encouragement to one another. Unfortunately I shall only rarely be able to reply to your questions through lack of available time.

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This involves posting at least one message per week containing encouragement, constructive criticisms, or advice. To change your username, post a request in the forum: To register for the lessons and to confirm that you have satisfied the conditions set for participation in my courses, use the thread you are in now: Publicize them on FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, discussion groups, your blog or website.

The lessons are free. A student can follow more than one course at different levels on condition that he undertakes to post the recordings required for at least 7 of the 10 lessons of each course.

You must undertake to listen to the recordings posted by the other students at the same level and comment on their work.

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Before accepting a new student, I require these four conditions to be met: The conditions for registration are available on the forum: My aim is to help isolated amateurs who don't have the opportunity to have a teacher. If the interruption goes on for several months, the student should alert a moderator of the student group so that the moderator can keep the student list up to date.

You must undertake to post the recordings required for at least 7 out of the 10 lessons of the course. Mention the lessons to your guitarist friends in conversation or by email.

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You must be registered on the forum with your real forename and surname. Registration for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh year courses D04, D05, D06, D07 is available only to members who have already posted 20 messages on the forum.

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My role as teacher will be to give you a reasonable goal, offering you, while respecting copyright, a repertoire with the greatest possible musical value. These classical guitar lessons correspond to the first sixth years at music school.

Publicize the lessons, for instance, by putting up a notice in the window of your local baker or guitar store. A student may change courses during the year, but in this case he must start by catching up on the lessons of his new course in the proper order.

Students can ask for help on the forum at any time, whether in connection with the lessons or the working of the forum in general.

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They are aimed at the isolated amateur who does not have the opportunity of having a teacher. I will be illustrating my lessons with audio and video examples for each piece or exercise.

If for some reason a student is temporarily unable to keep up with the course, he should let the other students know and catch up on the missed lesson or lessons as soon as possible.

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You must publicize the course sessions. The more students there are, the more effective the mutual help will be. Here is some suitable wording:

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