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The CW's Supernatural Cast: From Jensen Ackles to Alona Tal

Source Osric Chau Kevin Tran: Angel or not, the boys have grown to accept Castiel as family. If that wasn't enough, the demons are on his tail, trying to get Kevin to work for them. It alona tal and jensen ackles dating have a little something to do with his dry humor and recent rescues. Crowley, aka The King of Hell, is both a burden and a help to the boys.

One minute he's tricking the Winchesters, the next he's helping them end the Apocalypse.

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Next time the boys have a love interest please try not to be so judgemental. In my opinion I find Dean being an ass towards Jo. I'm not a hardcore Dean fan.

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Morgan becomes a serious hunter, often sacrificing his boy's being single girl his revenge.

Kevin works alongside the boys to translate the "Word of God", hoping to help Sam and Dean shut the gate for hell. I'm a Sammy fan.

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A fellow hunter, Bobby has forever been in the boy's lives. Like Beaver, Sheppard's filmography is extensive. Hell if we are going to be jealous and hate Jo, why don't we just hate everyone else the boys have been with.

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Jessica, Sarah, Madison, Carmen, the girls Dean picks up in bars. Richard Speight, Jr Misha Collins Misha plays the Castiel, an angel who doesn't always follow the rules - choosing humans and free will, over his coven.

But, once I blocked out what people where sayin about her, and what fanfiction was making her out to be, I have to admit I have grown to like her.

He also writes plays and contributes to the George Reeve's Project between acting.

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Misha Collins is a fan favorite who was immediately accepted into Supernatural. A true comedian, Misha is a man of many talents and a truly genuine actor.

From apocalypse to civil war and even Dick Roman, Cas always tries to make an appearance. I didn't have a good reason to dislike her, she wasn't drooling all over Sam and if she were I think Sam would have given her more then Dean has.

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Chau depicts the typical high school student; well, the typical high school student who becomes a prophet. Sam and Dean live a life on the road, going from one school to the next, while their father slaughters monster after monster. Jim Beaver is originally from Wyoming and has quite the lengthy filmography.

But hey thats my opinion.

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What reason did I really have to go and judge Jo? But other then Dean, what reason do we have to be so judgemental about Alona's character Jo?

John pushes the boys towards a lifestyle of hunting after his wife, Mary, is killed by the yellow-eyed demon over Sam's crib. I do have to admit I used to be one of those fangirls who hated Jo.

Most famous for In the Name of the Father and The Unstoppable, Sheppard has acted, produced and directed a multitude of films. Like Misha, he has become a fan favorite, gaining wuite the Twitter following and attending the cast on their convention track.

And hearing about how she expressed how she felt about how us fangirls reacted to her character, I have to say I felt for her, knowing that I used to be one those people.

He is their go-to man for mythology, and the first person they call when they get in trouble.

Jensen Ackles and Alona Tal Singing (Dean/Jo)

Surprisingly, Crowley has become a fan-favorite. Do you's have a really good valid reason, that doesn't revolve around Dean? Castiel is introduced as the fiery no-nonsense angel who pulls Dean from hell.

And Alona better come back for season three So some of us fangirls hate the character of Jo played by Alona Tal But why? Bobby also has an integral role in the lives of other hunter's - always being of service to a trustworthy friend.

Chau was introduced to the series at the end of season 7. Though, I do seem to be leaning that way at the moment.

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Soon, however, Cas makes the decision to go against his leaders and jump off the heaven band-wagon. He's also starred in P. Aside from acting, Misha writes poetry and takes part in volunteer service, specifically his own organization, Random Acts.

I didn't think so.