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In the wake of the Haiti earthquakeTabitha and Napoleon held a week-long fundraiser from online sales of their dancewear line. It was kind of restrictive at first. The judges love the routine and love the emotion.

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How does it feel to be the most adorable winners? What did those bellhop outfits feel like to wear? It all comes together in the end. It's like -- Fik-Shun: I want to do movies, I want to do companies, I want to be in a music video, go on tour with someone. We have to work, but we want to have fun instead of work.

When are you going to sleep?

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She appeared to be in the bottom 6, and was not saved, so along with Malece MillerAmy had to dance for her life. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. But once you kind of get into character, you make it work for you. The judges love the routine, and compliment Amy on her technique. It kind of clicked because the way he worked is the way I worked.

It's a gift and a curse!

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Their connection and chemistry are off the charts, no matter what dance style they perform. It was really magical.

Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun Stegall: Meet the winners of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Let's just have a party. Ouais dealers revendre pareil baises frimer kilog prends francs Carr? The judges love the routine, complimenting Amy on her energy and smile.

It was fun putting it back on again [tonight]. The routine dating show china 2018 holidays amazingly and gets a standing ovation. We both wanted to make this memorable for both of us.

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The dance goes great, judges claiming that it was a great start to the show. Later, Amy performs a Jazz group dance, choreographed by Ray Leeper, with the top 10 girls.

The judges do not find it a bad thing and comment that everyone makes mistakes. She wants you to do it first and try your best and then say, "Oh, OK this is tough, but I'll work to get it. Amy's personality and likability always made her memorable combined with her perfect technique.

Check out the rest of the interview with winners Amy and Fik-Shun: Fik shun and amy dating - Is coming to Atlantic City Feb 2nd! Amy's last routine was another Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine. The judges like how Amy did, but critique Fik-Shun.

The judges love the routine and compliment on the entertainment and technique. Are you happy Amy and Fik-Shun won? He was with me. During the routine, Amy slips and falls. It's not really just about the bellhop.

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Watch the "magical" and emotional number below: How will you celebrate your win? The judges praise the goofy routine, complimenting on the acting and entertainment. These are all places I've never been before for the most part.

The judges praise the routine for its wonderful chemistry and grace. But that first piece — I don't know, something happened, he clicked on. That one and the bellhop dance are definitely the most iconic dances for you as partners. Fik-Shun is certainly grateful for having Amy by his side.

It was our first time working together, and that one seriously pushed me to limits I didn't know I could reach or surpass. I want to go everywhere. And while Lythgoe praises the duo's original routine, he's his own worst critic. The pair's career progressed to providing creative direction for tours and live events by Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Lopez.

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Besides the bellhop one, I'd say definitely the contemporary one with Sonya [Tayeh]. And if that could happen in one week, I was like, "This is going to be a good season with him.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Fik Shun and Amy Yakima on making the top 16

The two dancers joined Sonya Tayehfor an intense Jazz duet. She was safe this week, and continue in the competition. It's going to be a blast. Amy appeared to be safe for the week, and was not in the bottom. Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun It was a partnership of tiny dancers destined for greatness.

Amy later teams up with partner, Fik-Shun, for an intense Tango, choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo.

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It shows you that hip-hop [has] completely become a really legitimate beautiful genre in and of its own and you can tell such beautiful and heart breaking stories. She appeared to be safe and was not in the bottom 6. She doesn't take any excuses and doesn't want to hear reasons why you can't do something.

Fik Shun And Amy Dating

I'm ready to go see the rest of the world. He was sleeping on a surfboard that one time. It's the first city and my hometown.

The two had already formed an obvious chemistry, which made the dance sensational.

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He got everything right away. That feels pretty good. The judges enjoy the routine and find it very entertaining. We just look at each other.