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Caseros in had Lynch died in October and his second wife in Migrants are also inside the country.

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Frente para la Victoria sincewinning the 6 times consecutive municipal elections. Toponymy[ edit ] Caseros is the deformation by locals of the surname of Diego Casero, who bought land there in The real estate boom began to feel a year from in which they slowly began to be residential and office towers, also constructed as hypermarkets EasyWalmart and others.

He is currently the No. Its density increased from 8, The town, like much of the western suburbs, experienced strong industrialization process due to the economic recovery.

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At the time of opening the school No. Other sectors that experienced significant growth were construction and the financial sector: As for sport, Caseros at a time he had two football stadium a few blocks apart.

Its proximity to the Buenos Aires city served as a strategic point for people seeking the quiet of the suburbs, until then, this city did not have large buildings.

These places were the scene of the battle fought on February 3, called Battle of Caseros in the army commanded by the General Urquiza defeated the forces of Juan Manuel de Rosas.

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In acquires lands of Caseros, Manuel Ceferino Lynch Roo, who was married to Ana Espinoza de los Monteros Banfi, daughter of a colonel of the royal armies, 8 years later the widower marries his sister also widow Ignacia Espinosa de los Monteros Banfi.

In Casero built an edifice for breeding pigeons in what is now the town of El Palomar and whose name it took many years later the local railroad station. In opened the first Mail. Needs citation With the inauguration of the railroad, constructed the first 70 blocks surrounding the Caseros station, delimited by the streets: This line in stop being of blood drive and incorporates the steam locomotive, because of this, renamed Ferrocarril Rural de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Population[ edit ] The population of Caseros according to Census of October amounted to In the second half ofaccording to the organization civil society TECHObetween 3 and 5 informal settlements. In turn, the population aged 0—14 years, accounting for Their stadium has a capacity for Presents temperate hot summers and cool winters, sufficient rainfall and in some cases generating strong floods, and prevailing winds from the east and northeast.

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Needs citation The official date of foundation of Caseros was on 21 February Climate[ edit ] The climate is temperate pampas. Arminda Baker Baldini The total fertility rate locality is 1.

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This team playing in the Primera C. The name of Diego Casero over time was distorted by locals and land called by the name of Caseros. But the main street of this town is Tres de Febrero, where innumerable stores selling clothes, business kiosks, the theater reopened, bars, bookstores, toy stores and companies among others are.

Economy[ edit ] After the late the destruction of local industry noted, to the point of causing high levels of unemployment, poverty and emigration. Their stadium has a capacity for 2.

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The first doctor living in Caseros was Dr. As a first settler family in the area, is conceptualized to Cafferata, who arrived inleasing the land where the battle of took place, which were kept as souvenirs weapons and ammunition found to work the land.

The population of the locality is In the section between Palermo in Buenos Aires city and Pilar in the Northern Zone, there were only two intermediate stations: An estimated 15, live in them people, that is where the greatest amount of uncertainty is created by generating great concern especially in the area of Villa Alianza where the highest rate of violent robberies in the locality.

Chiavasco is then devoted to the business of land, put an auction house would later be moved to Santos Lugares.