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As a DJ, El Tiguere is recognized for his balanced sets that provide an appealing mix of all styles of music, whether he is playing Bachata or Salsa. The decision was not a difficult one; Salsa had become the new passion and love in his life.

To get to know el Tiguere a little better, we interviewed him seperately as well.

BACHATA WEEKEND with Ataca & La Alemana

El Tiguere del Mambo. Jorge took the comment as motivation to one day become a great dancer, instructor, and performer.

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They have performed at various congresses such as the Orlando Salsa CongressMiami Salsa Congressas well as various Florida socials. As a kid, he dreamt of becoming a famous baseball player. As a member of Team Touch, Bianca travels, performs and assists workshops alongside the most credible names in the Latin Dance Community, contributing her unique sensual style, technique and musicality to the art.

A year later, she was already teaching around the world. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Dominican.

Contact About Island Touch Dance Academy Founded inIsland Touch Dance Academy is one of the hottest dance companies in the world, providing the highest level in dance entertainment with solo, couple and group performances in Bachata and Salsa.

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She received much of her basic training with her previous dance partner, Nery Garcia; but quickly learned how to apply her previous knowledge and training into this new dance. She seeks to inspire dancers to grow and become the dancers they envision.

Inspired lead singer of coldplay dating icons such as Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Aaliyah, she began her exploration in the world of Hip-Hop dance and carried that on through college, becoming a dedicated member of "Fenomena" Hip Hop Dance Company.

In this article you can find some general information about the Island Touch members. Tanja and Jorge have been a dance couple since A fierce presence on stage, La Alemana is known for her sex appeal, ladies' styling, and vibrant personality as a performer and instructor.

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Along with her dance partner, Ataca, she has the highest number of views on YouTube of any Latin dance artist with over , hits. He took on the challenge of learning this style of dance with just as much passion as he did baseball.

Tanja has been instructing students across the world sinceand is known for her infectious energy within the classroom.

Jorge started taking classes with Salsa Caliente Dance Studio that same year.

They are great people and an amazing dance performers worth learning from. As an instructor, Ataca is known for his depth of technical knowledge and clarity of instruction. As a kid, Tanja already knew whe wanted to become a dancer.

We interviewed them in their hotel in Amsterdam, right before the premier of their new bachata show Odio. He started taking lessons and after just eight months, he started teaching Salsa himself.

After high school, he received a small scholarship to study at Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida. Jorge is also an owner of Island Touch Dance Academy, which is an instructor referral service, and also one of the top online providers for dance instruction via virtual classes. InTanja first came across Salsa.

Together they wish to add new and exciting flavor to salsa and bachata scenes across the world. Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, Ataca comes from a family with a rich history of music appreciation.

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She also mentions that elephants have great memory, while she does not. Within 8 months of taking classes Jorge started teaching. En als hij een dier was, zou hij naar eigen zeggen een aap of een vogel zijn. Tanja was introduced to the world of salsa inand has pursued her career within the salsa sector ever since.

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Jorge was immediately drawn to that style of dance. Check out our interview with El Tiguere. Please contact us for more details regarding our services. He was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother. Island Touch provides contracted instructors and dancers that can cater to any event, whether a corporate party, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen.

She was also part owner of one of the top salsa dance companies in Fort Myers, FL. While having a passion for salsa, Tanja also developed a strong passion for bachata.

Instantly intrigued by their passion and love for dance, Bianca sought out lessons and insight into this prestigious organization, and their passion for dance and music.

Ataca and La Alemana

Inwhile still attending college, Jorge went to a Tampa nightclub which is where he was introduced to NY style salsa. After graduating college, she discovered Island Touch Dance Academy. His classes are always fun and filled with sexy dance moves that are both practical and social dance-ready.