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As the acting chairman of the golf resort that she has inherited from her father, she is known for being an iron lady that is both resourceful and charismatic.

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John Lee is a Korean orphan who is adopted to America since he was young. Horror, mystery, crime, thriller, action Episodes: She tries to make him fall in love with her again.

Min Hae Ryung is a beautiful female golfer who is talented in golfing and is the heiress of World Golf Resort.

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Mi Soo dreams of becoming a famous national professional golfer since she got an accidentally chance of touching a no. She was stubborn for completing anything she wants to do but she was never stingy and had warm heart.

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She radio smooth dating prank a fan of Abercrombie clothing. She formed ties with entertainment world by winning the berita terbaru park ha sun dating prize in SK Smart Model Contest when she was still third year high school in Twenty Years Old Aka Title: She used to hate the fact that she's short but now has come to accept it as being a part of who she is.

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Character Description Sung Mi Soo is a happy and tough girl from a poor farm family in the rural, mountainous Gangwon Province. Lee Ki Kwang is a member of popular idol group falls in love with Kim Hye Rim, his old friend from same middle school who has never dated before, as the two try to keep their love a secret from the rest of the world.

Out of all the character she's played, she says that she is most like Han Ji Eun from "Full House" especially because they both like to have fun. Autumn Tale and Full House Most memorable movies: The daughter of a poor widow overcomes her troubles and starts a new life after she gets involved with a terrible crime committed by a son and mother blinded by desire.

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Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up in anger.

Her first love and relationship was with actor Lee Byung Hun whom she met while filming the drama, "All In.

Inshe sat in the front row of a Christian Dior show in New York and got the opportunity to meet actress Penelope Cruz who was also at the show. Plays with nose whenever she feels awkward or embarrassed.

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Someone who can love those around me One day, she learns that her ex husband has become rich. Her parents waited until February 26, to register her when she was well and healthy.

Park Ha-sun

She is known for being cute but would like people to see her as being "mysterious. Min Se Hwa is a single mother who raised her daughter, Hae Ryung single-handedly. Thinking of her mother. But then, she has to learn as well that there are no rules in golf that can be applied in the game of love as she got into a triangular love relationship with John Lee, the charismatic PGA cup holder and Min Hae Ryung, the heiress of World Golf Resort who has both talent and beauty.

She is a very good figure skater. After her break up with his husband, Na Ae Ra dreams about love with a divorced man who is like Prince Charming, but her plans usually fail.

Two Weeks costars Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun are dating in real life!

She says that she has more female fans than male fans. Rather than trying to be the best, try to do your best. When swimming in the river, lake, ocean, etc. Wookpecker because she talks fastHejgyo, Yookgyo, Hakkyo means 'school' in Korea; her name sounds like 'hakkyo' when pronounced at once Pets: What gives her strength during difficult times: He solves mysteries and cases along with tough female detective Ha Sun Woo and teenage ghost Han Na Young Title: He is the first Korean PGA cup holder who is known for his mysterious golf skills but he quits golfing suddenly to become a golf course tester all around the world whom no one knows when he will appear or disappear.

Early in her debut, she was the queen of Sitcom.

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She was raised in the best environment that was provided for the life of elite golfers and her skills are as good as a living textbook of golf. Yoon Cheo Yong is a detective who can see and hear ghosts from the day he was born.

Her actual birthdate is November 22, but when she was born, she was very sick and not even her parents nor doctor s thought she would survive. In earlyshe went to San Francisco, California to study English and afterwards to Seattle for a visit.

Two twenty year olds, Kim Hye Rim and Lee Ki Kwang, who attended the same middle school, meet again coincidentally after many years as a college student and an idol group member.

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However, now her mother doesn't say a word about them. Her mother used to hate her lips because of their fullness and said that Hye Gyo looked like Kunte Kinte. Although she has been the envy of lots of people because of her beauty and intellectshe carries a deep wound in her heart and is also the subject of compassion.