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The couple also has other business interests and owns a stage show company. Since then he has appeared in many films with mixed success throughout the late s and s.

Chunky Pandey and His Lovely Wife : How They Met and fell In Love?

This was also the time that Chunky made a switch to the Bengali movie making industry which made him famous. When asked the same thing to Bhavna, she said that marriage for her was an eye opener too as it was for Chunky.

In addition, by the late nineties, solo-hero films were back in vogue instead of the multi-hero films in which Pandey was generally cast. The couple are very much into each other as can be seen by the numerous times they have been seen together in functions and socialite parties.


InPandey was appreciated for his supporting role bhavna pandey dating services N. Debut and early success[ edit ] Pandey debuted his acting career with the multi-starer film Aag Hi Aag opposite Neelam Kothari. His solo hit was Parda Hai Parda film.

Bhavna is not an actor and is a socialite. How he and she think about their children?

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Chunky has quite the fan following. Pandey found it difficult to slot himself in either category. Share Suyash pandey is the real name of Chunky pandey. Bhavna on the other hand feels that going out on a coffee date is a more feasible free dating site numbers of getting to know a person in the best possible way.

Bhavna Pandey

I am just hoping that someone sees something else in me other than comedy. They started knowing each other well and bhavna pandey dating services making them complete as an indiviual.

Yet Chunky says that he would like to get to know a person by talking to them on a date roaming around the city. Chunky was at the peak of his career at that time and Anu also was trying to make a name for herself in the show biz business.

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InPandey was critically acclaimed for his dark role as an underworld gangster in the Ram Gopal Varma film D — Underworld Badshah.

Return to Bollywood[ edit ] Chunky Pandey returned to Bollywood in playing minor supporting roles in Qayamat: She runs a restaurant with her husband in the suburbs of Mumbai.

Later, director Ram Gopal Varma roped him in for Darwaaza Bandh Rakhoa dark comedy thriller in which he played one of four robbers who hold a family hostage.

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Bhavna Chunky pandey is married to Bhavna pandey after a brief period of courtship in the year Chunky and Bhavna have two daughters out of their marriage and arent planning for more kids at the moment.

The relationship could not materialise and never saw the light of the day. This is what he likes about her parenting skills.

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Most of his films where he had the leading role did not fare well at the box office from Bhavna says that Chunky also happens to be very protective of his daughters and at times overdoes it.

They have been seen many a times enjoying some quiet family time in their health chain restaurant and on outings.

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Chunky attributes this success to his daughters. Chunky and Bhavna are both very caring of their two children. Marriage and kids helped him a great deal from overcoming his troubles. How He Thinks Marriage Marriage was not really the answer to his woes, thats what chunky believed in the early part of his career before his career came to a standstill.

This adds a fun bit to it adds Chunky. Wedding bells came ringing when he least expected it and says that he is glad to have made that decision to marry his then girlfriend Bhavna who is his wife now. This is said to be one of the main reasons for their break up as per media reports.

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Film producer Pahlaj Nihalani gave Chunky Pandey his first break in by signing him up for two films: City Under ThreatElaanDon: After their enagagement both parted their separate ways. He acted in six films between and as hero in Bangladesh and all of them were successful.

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Career slump and hiatus[ edit ] The advent of the s saw a new wave of actors like Aamir KhanSalman Khan and Shahrukh Khan taking on roles as "romantic heroes", while Ajay DevganAkshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty grabbed the "action hero" roles.

His Ideal Dating Plan Chunky feels that there is no ideal situation to dating a person. Career[ edit ] Chunky Pandey worked as an instructor in acting school in The whole of bollywood industry knows the actor as Chunky pandey.

They dated for a brief period of time for almost two years before getting engaged to each other.

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He was at the low point of his life and was getting out of a relationship. How his fan think? Pandey has played the role of the Indo-Italian "Aakhiri Pasta" in the comedy hit Housefull followed by his reprised roles in the sequels Housefull 2 inand in Housefull 3 in Though he has recently been starring a character actor, Chunky doesn't want to be pigeonholed into doing comic roles.

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He is a household name in Bangladesh where he enjoys a wide fan following for his bengali films. He used to be senior to many junior budding artistes such as Akshay Kumar.

Chunky Pandey and His Lovely Wife : How They Met and fell In Love? | MIJ Miner8

Sarcastically he said that he needed some tough love to get by from point A to point B since he is a big time lazy person. The family loves planning quality time with each other and the tabloids and media reports are a predicament of the same.

Meanhwile in bollywood Chunky made a comeback doing comic roles which earned him good graces back to a bigger fan base.