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Boat 2 trailer hookup in pickup, why do i have to complete a captcha?

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The first thing you do is position the bracket on the empty hitch and you will notice that there is room to install the bracket closer or further away from your bumper, this allows you to position the bracket to match the depth of your receiver.

My boat used to reside in my garage but two years ago it sadly had to go outside to make room. To test the Coupler Connect Plus we went through the installation process as well as hookups and tows just like we normally would have done.

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The main bracket and "hold down" The Coupler Connect comes in two versions, the standard which features a two piece construction of the mounting bracket and guide plate and the Coupler Connect Plus which also includes a separate hold down device that not only prevents the coupler from accidently popping off the tow ball during travel but can also be locked with a padlock to secure the trailer to the tow vehicle.

We utilized the Coupler Connect Plus on two trucks and two different trailers to get a better sample of just how the accessory performed with different setups. But before you can tow your new boat, you need to check out some used boat trailers to get you to the water.

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You also need to decide between a scissor trailer that fits between the pontoons, or a bunk-style trailer that sits under the pontoons. What we describe as the "V-bracket" is called the "Coupler Connect" by DuraSafe and acts as a shield protecting your bumper from accidental impacts with the trailer tongue.

Backing up my trailer I did feel like I had a little more confidence to properly position the distance without worrying about putting a new dent in my bumper. Pontoon Trailer About Used Boat Trailers Luxury living is within your grasp, and with your new boat, you are almost ready to leave your cares on the shore.

The first thing to do during installation is line up the bracket Real World Test: To lock a trailer in place remove the V-Bracket aka the "Coupler Connect.

Used Boat Trailers

If you have a pontoon boat, you should search for used pontoon boat trailers that can handle the length and weight of the pontoons. You can insert the bundled pin to keep it in place Instead I have to perfectly align the hitch directly below the receiver each and every time.

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Tighten the bolt to secure the system When I first installed the bracket I positioned it right in the center of the receiver hitch and found that my particular trailer tongue required me to unscrew the bolt and reposition the bracket further away from the bumper so that contact with the plate meant I was directly over the hitch.

With the large selection of used boat trailers available on eBay, you are sure to find the right one to get you off shore in no time.

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The entire installation process took less than five minutes and was both quick and easy, just make sure that bolt underneath the hitch is suitably tightened. Boat trailers are built to various lengths, and can haul up to a certain amount of weight, so size should be your first consideration before purchase.

Insert the V-Bracket and your ready to back up the truck Interestingly the difference in trailer tongues though minute will have an effect on alignment, for example Cal has a different make of trailer for his Skeeter and this required a slightly different alignment, but still the Coupler Connect did make it quicker for hookups.

We kicked things off with the installation process and because I wanted to evaluate the hitching process side by side with my current traditional hitch I set the Coupler Connect up on a new second hitch.

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A small speedboat fits on a foot trailer, but large boats can require at least a foot trailer. This particular test only encompassed a two month period so while we can report on functionality we cannot comment on long term durability just yet. The Coupler Connect works with 1" diameter ball shanks Operation: Scissor trailers are typically easier to load and unload, but bunk-style trailers offer more support for the pontoons, which creates a sturdier tow.