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The question is simply a matter of which one will deal the last attack.

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Ash commands Staravia to use Brave Bird, but as it closes in Lucario counters it with Metal Claw which knocks Staravia out of the battle. Lucario shoots another Aura Sphere which is cancelled by Bubble Beam, but smoke is created.

Before the Flame Wheel can hit, Maylene orders Meditite to use Confusion, which leaves Chimchar rolling off in the wrong direction and attacking the nearest wall with Scratch. Soon Chimchar is unable to battle as well!

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Chimchar is shooting Flamethrower at an unknown target. Their 3-on-3 battle starts with Maylene's Machoke battling Ash's Staravia—Ash is clearly banking on using Staravia's type advantage, but Maylene's Machoke has learned to use its Fighting-type moves for defense as well as offense.

Buizel dodges the Bone Rush at the last second, its speed dramatically increased. Buizel dodging an onslaught of Bone Rushes. Brock points out that Ash wants Staravia to get closer with Aerial Ace.

Ash sends out Chimchar again, commanding it to use Flamethrower, but it is easily dodged by Lucario.

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Shame that Staravia dare mo mamotte kurenai online dating limited to only battling the weakest pokemon again, despite having a type-advantage just like last time.

Buneary used Ice Beam, Bounce, and something else that I don't recall. Maylene commands her Meditite to bounce off the wall and use Drain Punchwhich hits Staravia. Piplup charges in with Peck, but Lucario has disappeared! Ash tells Chimchar to use Flamethrowerwhich hits Meditite, and then to follow up with Flame Wheel.

Well, you came to the right page.

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Its your Turn to Meet Someone Amazing Meditite hits Staravia with Confusion, so Ash switches in Chimchar. Ash is using Staravia, Chimchar, and Buizel. Lucario shoots another Aura Sphere, which Piplup breaks through with Peck since it's a flying attack and damages Lucario a bit.

The Johto starters in the anime sucked. Im thinking that Buizel will indeed beat Lucario. Yep you got it right. Staravia uses Aerial Ace again, but Maylene commands her Meditite to use Detect, and then Meditate to raise its Attack power again so it can finish it all in one hit.

When Dawn tells Buizel to dodge, she notices that it has started to rain. He takes this opportunity to show off Staravia's new move, Brave Bird, which knocks out Meditite. Team Rocket quietly closes the door and leaves to check out more rooms.

After the fierce battle, the referee states that awarding a Gym Badge for a tie depends on the judgment of the Gym Leader.

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Ash sends out his Staravia to battle against Maylene's Machokethen the match begins. The resulting explosion in the air destroys the battle field's roof, exposing the field to the open sky.

Ash, wanting to get closer, commands Chimchar to use Scratch which is dodged by Lucario. Maylene commands her Machoke to keep using Brick Break which hits Staravia multiple times.

Meditite uses Drain Punch, which Ambipom blocks with a tail, and then proceeds to lay the smack down with Double Attack. More Bubble Beam, which is dodged, and then Lucario uses Force Palm which involved placing its hand on Piplup's neck and shooting out a bright flash.

Little kids now have something other than the boogie monster to be afraid of. Staravia then repeats this strategy by using Aerial Ace which leads Machoke to be knocked out. The referee thinks that Buizel was unable to battle but before he finishes his sentence, Buizel gets up.

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Now Buizel's Swift Swim Ability kicks in, boosting its speed and keeping it in the game. Maylene commands Meditite to keep using Detect, preventing Chimchar's Scratch from hitting. Plot After re-gaining her confidence in a battle with DawnMaylene accepts Ash 's Gym battle challenge.

Either way it appears that each pokemon will have one victory. Maylene sends out Medititewhile Ash keeps his Staravia in.

Their fight blows the roof off the Gym and that's what makes all the difference—even with its newly learned move, Water Pulse, Buizel is starting to flag until rain begins to fall through the new hole in the ceiling. They're surprised to find Croagunk in front of them, looking eye to eye for a while.

Buizel, still feeling the effect of Force Palm, manages to learn Water Pulse which surprised Ash and the others.