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Michelle Chen 陳妍希

The actor will have to give both ceremonies a miss, while Giddens will try to make it for the Taiwan ceremony tomorrow. Early life[ edit ] Michelle Chen was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

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After the wedding, Ariel posted on Weibo to congratulate the happy couple. So she played supporting roles in several films and television cause attention to looks lovely, cute, but did not leave much impression.

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Chen made the decision to put her undergraduate degree in marketing on hold, to start her career in acting. Cherish every moment that you have with your loved ones!

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After middle school, she studied at Southwestern Academy in CaliforniaUnited States, eventually graduating from the University of Southern California with a bachelor's degree in business administration in The film was written and directed by Giddens Koproduced by Angie as executives, and based on Ko's novel.

Her casting announcement was met with widespread opposition from the public, with criticisms leveled at her appearance, which is not as light and angel-like as Xiaolongnu's description in the book. During some of the challenges imposed on them by the bridesmaids, the groomsmen had to carry Chen Xiao through albanisch flirten ohne hallway and brush their teeth with wasabi.

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The movie, filmed and set in Hawaii, was a collaboration between the US and China. Including some songs composed by herself, the album received an average response from critics and music listeners.


Inwhile visiting family in TaiwanChen caught the eye of renowned producer Angie Chai - who has successfully promoted the group F4, Hsu, Rainie, among other popular idols.

After saying "I Do" and exchanging rings, the newly-weds admitted that they felt differently before and after the wedding, during their media interviews held later in the day The bride said sweetly, "Thank you for coming here to witness the most important moment in our life. Wedding of Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen 20 Jul Wedding of Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen Celebrity couple Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen's outdoor wedding ceremony almost did not happen due to the bad weather yesterday but, thankfully, the proceedings went on without a hitch.

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However, the duo conveyed their blessing to the couple through their manager, who explained that Kai was unable to get a leave of absence from the production crew of his current project. The lovebirds also served a custom-made wine during the dinner as well, with all the food dishes given auspicious names to bless the newly wedded couple.

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The film broke records at the box office, becoming the 4th highest grossing domestic Taiwanese film. Click on for more pictures of Michelle and Chen Xiao's big day! Initially she wanted to be a singer, but the company wanted her to try to advance the field of cinema.

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On July 19, Michelle married Chen Xiao with a glamorous wedding in Beijing and another wedding banquet was held in Taipei on July 21, Click on for more details of their big day! Instead, you will [now] be able to enjoy bliss together for many more years.

In the film, Chen plays the role of Shen Chia-yi. Michelle also fulfilled her wish of making an entrance on a tiny white sailboat to meet her groom. Wedding of Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen 20 Jul Wedding of Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen On the day of the wedding ceremony, Chen Xiao and his groomsmen went through the traditional ritual of collecting the bride in the morning, with Chen Xiao and Michelle decked out in traditional clothing.

I am so excited" while Chen Xiao added, "I have never been so excited.

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