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What Is Democracy? - Defining Democracy

Interests of the minorities will be duly protected and state makes arrangements for that. Under either system, representatives engage in the debate, negotiation, coalition building, and compromise that are the hallmarks of democratic legislatures.

It does not represent or support any political viewpoint or ethnic and social group. The republican constitution which is the fundamental law of our land provides certain roles to be played by certain institutions to promote democratic culture in Ghana and media is one of those important institutions.

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Civic culture Almond and Verba are the originators ariana grande talks about dating this theory.

Hence any person may or can apply the criminal libel law when exposed to the aforementioned matters. Each legislator must alone decide on how to balance the general welfare with the needs of a local constituency.

Compromise on important decisions allows the government to go about the business of governing.

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By this he meant journalist should be responsibleobjective, independent ,accurate, ethical and truthful in their reportage and refuse all forms of inducements. Although nuances apply to the world's various democracies, certain principles and practices distinguish democratic government from other forms of government.

Some well-established democratic countries in Europe, however, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the Scandinavian countries are constitutional monarchies, i.

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Nevertheless, the most important part of the definition is people. There is no such thing as the "perfect form of government" on earth, but any other form of government produces even less desirable results than democracy. Democracy recognises that all the sections of the community will receive their due shares.

A democratic government cannot exist in a vacuum; it must be built on, nourished and sustained by, a robust democratic culture dominated by certain values.

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Guarantee of basic human rights. In the light of above analysis we can conclude that though there is a controversy as to the exact implication of the word participation, in practice in nowhere of the world hundred percent people cannot participate in the affairs of state and inspite of this we use the word.

In the proportional system, often used in parliamentary elections, voters usually cast ballots for parties, not individuals, and representatives are chosen on the basis of their party's percentage of the vote.

For democracy to succeed, citizens must be active, not passive, because they know that the success or failure of the government is their responsibility, and no one else's. In democracies, questions of peace and war or other threats to national security are the most important issues a society faces, and thus must be decided by the people, acting through their elected representatives.

MP's during debate on local FM not only insulted themselves but nearly exchange blows. Each paper in the series reflects both the thinking of mainstream theorists and common practices of the many free societies now flourishing under systems of democratic governance.

Modern media could be abused for propaganda purposes particularly during election periods. Other obligations apply to all democracies and are the sole responsibility of the citizen — chief among these is respect for law.

Parties that lose elections step into the role of opposition — confident that the political system will continue to protect their right to organize and speak out.

Yet, ethnicity, religion, bulimic greed and hyperbolic political ambition among the political class remain the greatest obstacles to democratic consolidation in the country.

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In recent times, some media houses and journalist are not doing what is expected of them. The most important element of democracy is self-rule, equally distributed among the people. MP boastfully and arrogantly insulted a party's Gen. Two theories of media influence are I Agenda setting and 2 News media spin.

A professional police force respects all citizens as it enforces the laws of the nation. It is the responsibility of all political leaders to enforce civilian control and the responsibility of the military to obey the lawful orders of civilian authorities.

Diane Ravitch, scholar, author, and a former assistant U. In fact the President and for that matter the ruling party has already access to the news.

Thus democracies are usually filled with many voices expressing different or even contrary ideas and opinions. But rule by the majority is not necessarily democratic: In the private sector, this same "marketplace of ideas" offers opportunities for innovation and investment that are the engines of economic growth.

These groups represent the interests of their members in a variety of ways--by supporting candidates for public office, debating issues, and trying to influence policy decisions. On the national level, for example, legislators can be chosen from districts that each elect a single representative.

The proliferation of media houses and its emergence of ubiquitous listeners who call in phone in frequently to express their point of views are allowed to slander and castigate others.

In the dictionary definition, democracy "is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

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Democratic governments exercise authority by way of law and are themselves subject to law's constraints. But question arises about the by the people. Citizenship in a democracy requires participation, civility, and even patience. The purpose of a military is to defend society, not define it.

Principles of Democracy

An independent judiciary, civil society with rule of law, and free speech all support a free press. But they must work within the democratic ethic of tolerance, respect, and compromise to reach agreements that will benefit the general welfare of all the people — not just their political supporters.

The word democracy stems from the Greek words demos, "people" and kratos, "rule. Typical examples are when, a Hon. Consolidated democracies generally require a high degree of threat in order to justify banning speech which may incite violence, untruthfully harm the reputation of others, overthrow a constitutional government, or promote lewd behavior.

And the principal way of doing that is through political parties. Democracies include language pertaining to protection of religious freedom in their constitutions.

The members of the government must come from the general public that is people.

Definition - Democratic consolidation

In order for the public to trust the press, journalists must provide factual reporting based on credible sources and information. For this reason, it is possible to identify the time-tested fundamentals of constitutional government, human rights, and equality before the law that any society must possess to be properly called democratic.

Through such groups, individuals have an avenue for meaningful participation both in government and in their own communities.

NGOs may provide local and regional expertise and personnel on the ground for implementation of government-funded projects.

Democratic consolidation

Consolidating democratic culture in Nigeria 1 On Who are the people? Democratic governments do not have ministries of information to regulate content of newspapers or the activities of journalists; requirements that journalists be vetted by the state; or force journalists to join government-controlled unions.

Such a king can be regarded as a stabilizing factor rather than as a danger for a democracy. Provincial and local elections can mirror these national models, or choose their representatives more informally through group consensus instead of elections.

Many of them serve a mediating role between individuals and the complex social and governmental institutions of which they are a part, filling roles not given to the government and offering individuals opportunities to exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democracy.

Consolidation on this view is when the actors in a system follow have informally institutionalised the formal rules of the democratic institution. The term self-rule may be interpreted as political power. Expectedly, the electioneering campaigns, especially the presidential, have been particularly fierce, brutal and bruising.

Buhari is unsuitable for the office of President because of his age, concerns about his health and physical fitness for the job, unimpressive academic qualifications, dictatorial proclivities, antiquated ideas of economic management, religious extremism, hypocritical attitude to corruption etc.