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Our 4x4 equipment benefits from a 2-year parts and labour warranty, excluding normal wear parts and damage due to incorrect use. The Alsatian firm was preferred by Fiat over a previous 4x4 provider and thus entered into a long-term partnership with someday youll find love lyrics john mayer major Italian manufacturer.

DANGEL meets a real need for versatility, effectiveness and comfort felt by private customers and professionals who really do drive on several types of terrain. After a time at BBS, he invented a concept to meet a new need he saw emerging on the market: Advantages of "Eco 2WD" mode: With over points of sale and 5, repair centres in France alone, you will never have to go far for a service.

It owes its success to the extremely rigorous technical culture and the intuition of the founder, Henry Dangel. But it is when you get behind the wheel that you will really get the measure of the true difference!

It is a lower than normal first gear ratio of 0. Original vehicle ground clearance: To support the manufacturer's after sales services, Automobiles Dangel has set up its own After Sales department. Raised to give them a ground clearance of 20 cm, you will immediately see that these DANGEL vehicles also feature a few other modifications: If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Automobiles Dangel has designed, produced and built 7 different prototypes, as well as the vehicles that have gone into production.

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The Lion brand was convinced, and Automobiles Dangel was born in ! What is the advantage of a rear axle locking differential? With a Dangel vehicle, they finally had an answer to their needs. Your vehicle is therefore off the road for the shortest possible time.

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Automobiles Dangel continues on its path upwards and onwards. What is a "crawler gear"?

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Gaining ISO certification has lent the firm credibility and helped perpetuate this technological know-how, which is unique on the market. If the front wheels lose traction, a part of the torque is transferred to the rear axle, smoothly, fluidly and with no intervention from the driver.

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Adding a system which, at the end of the day, is quite voluminous to a finished vehicle actually requires more ingenuity and skill than when the vehicle is designed to include it from the outset. There was also success on the sporting front, with vehicles taking part in motor rallies and other great adventures in Africa, and Dangel's equipment began to earn it a reputation for excellence.

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This is an extra gear that the user can select on the gear shift. Refresh the page to see the result. The customer is not one of those "show-offs" you see in 4x4s in town centres, but a tradesman, a farmer, a resident of a mountainous area who has immediately been won over by the simple, high quality driving experience offered by a Dangel vehicle.

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The business met with immediate commercial success, in particular forging strong partnerships with several public bodies and companies who were very enthusiastic about its idea. Creativity driven by users The success of the Dangel method, a unique example in the industry, can be explained by its systematic attention to the needs of the market.

This process has enabled Dangel to document all its in-house procedures and all the know-how accumulated over more than twenty-five years. The trust of major car manufacturers To make such far-reaching modifications to a vehicle such as a Partner or a Jumper, the manufacturer must obviously give its agreement.

Strength through experience SinceDangel's technicians have acquired a body of knowledge and experience that is unmatched. Happy to see ads on our site? Each operator carries out his own self-inspections on his workstation, ensuring compliance and accountability.

Thanks to its drive train controlled by a viscous coupling unit, the changeover from 2 to 4-wheel drive is automatic.

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All Dangel innovations are patented in the Europe and the United States. Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: This is possibly because you are running an ad blocker or another browser extension that is preventing ads from showing, or are using browser privacy settings that do not allow ads to show.

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Specialised in production in short runs, they turn production vehicles into 4x4s by fitting them with a 4-wheel drive transmission system. The most recent additions to the range are the Partner and the Berlingo.

He fitted a transmission of his own design on a production vehicle: On the EXTREME version, a rear axle locking differential is very useful when one of the rear wheels has completely lost traction, for example when the vehicle is cross-axled. Quality control staff then carry out static inspections of the finished vehicles.

Why a "rear axle limited slip differential"? All the parts making up the 4x4 system are checked regularly by sampling. Automobiles Dangel thus has its design, production and sales departments all together on one site. And finally, each vehicle systematically undergoes dynamic testing.

Indispensable for its partnerships with the car manufacturers, this certification also guarantees customers irreproachable production methods and vehicles that all possess the same high qualities.

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All repairers have access to a dedicated hotline to answer their questions and enquiries. The company is constantly adapting to new technical and regulatory requirements. Our technicians know their 4x4s like the back of their hand, and are able to solve problems quickly and effectively. Service You have the benefit of a network close to you.

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As soon as it was founded, the company staked everything on quality and decided to ensure that it had total control over the production process for its products. Building on the know-how gained in motor racing, Henry Dangel managed to fill a gap in the all-terrain vehicle market.

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The DANGEL brand has become an undisputed leader on the cross-country utility vehicle market and is now making its reappearance on the passenger vehicle market. Today, thanks to the 5-seater 4x4 Partner and Berlingo, the general public is also rediscovering the company.

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Any anomaly, however small, is recorded on the vehicle work order. This is known as "Eco 2WD mode".

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By dong this, they are creating a range of 4x4s exclusively designed for efficiency. Automobiles Dangel's commercial logic is different to that of its foreign competitors and it therefore sells spare parts at more reasonable prices.

In this case, the limited slip differential is not enough. Already in the nineteen sixties, Henry Dangel was designing and building racing cars known as "Mangoustes", as well as suspension kits for Alpine Renault.

The customer service department strives to address the current and emerging needs of its customers as precisely as it can. After finding fame thanks to its participation in numerous 4X4 races and rallies, Dangel then specialised in all-terrain commercial vehicles.