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The Comparative Anatomy of the Xbox One vs. Computational Modeling from the University of California, Berkeley, where he and Kevin were roommates. Instead, the feedback kept coming back that they felt guilty leaving their dogs home alone all day.

Control the ball from an iOS or Android device.

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Press Release words PlayDate launches first-ever smart ball that allows pet owners to play with their pets remotely PlayDate opened pre-order sales for its smart ball today.

Virtual squeaker - plays a squeak sound dating daisy indiegogo logo the "squeak" button is pressed Microphone - Pet owners can hear their pets through a microphone in the ball Speaker - Pet owners can talk to their pets through a speaker in the ball Save Photos - A button allows pet owners to snap photos while playing with their pet Record Video - Pet owners can record video of their pet playing with the PlayDate smart ball If an owner's phone isn't handy, or they're just looking for a quick break from work, we also have a website where they can login and control their PlayDate smart ball from anywhere using their wifi network.

Durability and safety are top speed dating perth tonight alive. Pet owners can control their PlayDate smart ball in the same way you might control a character in a smartphone game.

It's the closest thing to being able to physically play with your dog without being there. A speaker and microphone inside the ball let owners speak to and hear their pets. It will appear, in near entirety, on Indiegogo's mobile and tablet versions of the site as well. Photos and videos can be dating daisy indiegogo logo right inside the app.

Indiegogo's new logo includes images of the site's campaigns, even on employee business cards. At the Indiegogo re-branding party.

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A stabilized camera inside lets the owner see all the action in smooth, real-time HD. The company was founded on the belief that human pet interaction could be improved using technology. I had just adopted Hulk, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, from a no-kill shelter and became obsessed with training him.

I wanted to make sure he was smelling a variety of things and tried to make sure that I took him to different parts of the city on our walks. That's why we've made the outer shell out of thick, shatterproof polycarbonate.

And over time folks can replace just the outer shell, extending the lifespan of the device, which is unheard of when it comes to pet toys. But as I talked to more and more dog owners, I realized what they were clamoring for wasn't another way to track the activity for their dogs.

The crowdfunding platform is changing its website design and logo to feature a different Indiegogo campaign each time someone visits the site. As we started building out prototypes and showing them to our friends, we learned that cat owners love the idea too.

That worked pretty well and late last year we thought about trying to commercialize it.

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Over time, replace only the shell to prolong the life of the smart ball. Anthony has worked and consulted extensively in business development and strategy. For our full image kit, click here to download. And, a clear, replaceable outer shell protects the inner workings but allows the camera to see out clearly.

Press Release 72 words PlayDate launches first-ever smart ball that allows pet owners to play with their pets remotely PlayDate opened pre-order sales for its smart ball today. A camera mounted inside the ball shows the pet as well as the environment around them.

The outer shell is made out of thick, shatterproof polycarbonate. Here's the new company logo L compared to the old one. Snap photos and record videos right in the app so you never miss a cute moment. We believe that technology has skipped over our furry friends.

Unlike the other camera-enabled devices out there, this is the only one that lets you move around to follow your pet. Interviews available on request.

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And over time the outer shell can be replaced, extending the lifespan of the smart ball. Please contact hello startplaydate. PlayStation 4 The new logo, which was first revealed last week at an event in San Francisco, is an attempt to put users at the forefront, says Shannon Swallow, head of marketing and communications at Indiegogo.

Similar to a hamster ball, the PlayDate smart ball rolls around wherever the pet owner directs it. That's when I realized the bigger problem that needed solving was dog owners needed a better way to interact with their pets remotely. Durable polycarbonate outer shell protects the electronics inside and keeps your pet safe.

Things were looking grim for him until he got picked up by Social Tees, a no-kill shelter, and brought to New York City. Our goal is to bring the latest technology to market to improve the lives of pets and their owners. There is a navigation controller on the left.

Or they can login through the PlayDate website and play from their mac or pc. The old Indiegogo web page. We started thinking about PlayDate about two years ago. But cat owners have slightly different needs so we've been modifying the design of the cat version for their needs e.

PlayDate lets dog and cat owners play with their pets from anywhere. He also has a degree in Cognitive Science: Main Points PlayDate's smart ball is the only remote pet camera available with two-way interaction.

So, I applied the latest research results from activity recognition, built a dog tracking collar and strapped it onto Hulk for our walks around the city.

All campaigns that have been completed on the site, regardless of whether or not they hit their funding goal, may appear within the logo, which features a hot pink color the company calls "gogenta.

The campaign photos even appear as part of the logo on employee business cards.

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Replaceable outer shell - durability and safety are super important for us. Our proprietary technology keeps the camera stable and the video feed smooth 2 patents.

Some text-heavy pages, like the consumer dashboard, will be optimized during a future update. As we went through design iterations, we added additional features based on user feedback: The new look is more visual and less text-heavy than the site's old look. This was back in and there weren't any activity trackers for dogs on the market.

Additional features have been included based on initial product testing. There's something incredibly gratifying about remotely controlling a physical object from your phone, and on top of that, having your pet be able to interact back.