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The ability to tap each pickup separately makes up somewhat for the single volume and tone knobs. Michael Kelly Guitars' PayPal support is rated: Check back later to find the answer The Patriot's materials and workmanship are impressive.

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But this is no cookie-cutter Les Paul lite. Does Michael Kelly Guitars offer senior discounts? And yet here is the Michael Kelly Patriot Custom, a guitar that gives pause to traditional thinking with its subtly different shape, versatile electronics and bright tone. The headstock is capped with the same maple as the body, with only a tastefully simple logo to interrupt the wood's dramatic grain.

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Splitting the humbuckers produced crystalline tones that, while not exactly of the Fender variety, were ideal for funk, country picking and clean rhythm parts. We'll also try contacting Michael Kelly Guitars directly to try to find an answer to this question. If we left any out, or any of these URLs need to be updated The cutaway, along with the angled neck, allows for good access to the upper frets.

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In fact, the guitar is very heavy, which may be an issue if you're used to lighter axes. Factoring in an incredibly low price for this level of quality, the Patriot is an amazing value.

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You can also check out their homepage for additional Does Michael Kelly Guitars give discounts to military, military families and veterans? With the guitar plugged in, this sound is captured well by the Rockfield SWC pickups. Michael Kelly Guitars' affiliate programs are rated: Hang tight, our team of researchers is out looking for the answer to this question now.

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Despite the weight, the guitar feels balanced when strapped on, and it cuts a striking figure onstage. You can also contact Michael Kelly Guitars through their social media pages.

At its best, it's a sublime combination of beauty and brawn, a guitar that is dressy yet ferocious enough to tear your head off. Check back soon to find the answer.

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These are designed to be similar to traditional PAFs but are customized to take advantage of the Patriot's qualities while they produce a higher output thanks to the USA parts and slight overwinding.

With the amp's front end set for crunch-or beyond-you can control the gain by your own touch, with a little help from the Patriot's basic control set. No, it appears that Michael Kelly Guitars does not offer discount codes for their website.

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What is Michael Kelly Guitars's free shipping policy? However, this does not mean they have not recently launched an affiliate program, or they may have recently joined an affiliate network.

The body shape is also a little different, more angular, with a sharper cutaway than a traditional Les Paul. Sort of like La Femme Nikita, but louder.

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Does Michael Kelly Guitars ever have sales? Our team of shopping analysts is out looking for the answer to this question now.

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Check back later to find the answer to this question. Here are their social pa