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When Yu took her home, Rise asked him if she could join them to help catch the culprit. She is rescued and witnesses dating rise persona 4 cosplay revelation of Labrys ' true form and the battle with Shadow Labrys.

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She also feels a strange surge as Fuuka Yamagishi helps to dispel the hacking from outside the TV, Rise noting that Fuuka's abilities are far more powerful than hers. In the anime, Rise is seen in the intro discussing her leave just before her concert.

Rise Kujikawa

Persona 5 Edit Rise on Sapphire posters. Ochimizu quickly confronts them, but the mysterious portal to the Midnight Stage opens after Kanami plays the video. By the end of the Social Link, Rise eventually realize that "Risette" whatshouldwecallgradschool dating divas a fabricated personality, but one of her many traits.

She helps support the others in helping Labrys accept her shadow and becomes friends with Labrys.

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The Investigation Team eventually team up with Adachi. Another exclusive to Golden features Rise taking the stage for a concert at Junes to sing True Storywith the rest of the team forming a band to accompany her. She asks Naoto to come help her when another idol steps out of a gravure photo-shoot.

Yu questions her decision for taking a hiatus; she becomes upset and accuses him of not "seeing the real her" and runs away.

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Upon her realization, Rise exclaims that she would return to her job as an idol in spring, hoping to show the world her other traits other than "Risette. Rise has already been kidnapped. She then, while donning a disguise, meets Yu Narukami on June 20th, after dropping her cellphone trying to hide from her fans.

The two discuss matters at Tatsuhime Shrine.

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Also participating in the event is the up and coming idol group "Kanamin Kitchen," led by her underclassman and fellow idol Kanami Mashita. Her awakened super move has terminologies of those from Dance Dance Revolution games. Upon arriving, they come across Rise's former manager, Minoru Inouewho's come to ask something important of her.

After seeing paparazzi mobbing the school's entrance, Yu takes her hand and guides her to Marukyu Tofu.

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Rise would also give the protagonist her signed photo, bestowing the ultimate form of Lovers Arcana, Ishtarthe goddess of love. Shadow Rise taunts Rise, telling her that in actuality, this is what she desired, and the fact that she knew is because she is Rise, and begins performing a pole-dance in an alluring fashion.

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Faced with sudden danger, Himiko evolves into a new form capable of fighting. She joins the rest of the investigation team later to say goodbye to Labrys and to join up in celebrating Yu's return and the reformation of the Investigation Team.

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Not believing his words, Adachi takes the stalker away. Laughing at their incompetence, Shadow Rise readies for another strike, but Teddie eventually charges towards the Shadow, performs a suicidal attack and weakens the Shadow. The three decide to watch the mysterious clip, after which an eerie song plays and a portals opens.

Just when all seemed lost, Rise was finally able to locate Teddie, paving the way for Yu and Izanagi to defeat Shadow Teddie. A year after the Inaba case and Rise's return to entertainment, Rise is back in the city participating in the "Love Meets Bonds" Festival, sponsored by TakuraProand takes on her friends from the Investigation Team as her backup dancers.

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The social link skills that Rise learns upon development of her Social Link are also listed below; the skills Rise can learn have remained unchanged from Persona 4. Through their stakeout, they eventually catch a stalker; however, the stalker anxiously denies his connection with the murder cases.

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Confused and surprised, Rise denies her Shadow's claims and exclaims that the shadow is not her. On July 10th, Rise said that she was happy to help out, and Yu gave her a pair of pink glasses so that she could see past the fog in the TV World, and as a symbol that she was now a part of the Investigation Team.

She has Tetrakarn and Makarakarn active and thus making it hard to land successful hits on her. Rise's bike skills are unique in that, rather than being normal battle skills, they are power-ups to the All-Out Attack. Through the protagonist's interactions with Rise, she reveals that during her childhood, she was a shy, lonely child and that nobody had high expectations of her.

Hoping to catch the culprit, the Investigation Team proposes a stakeout on the Marukyu Tofu shop, but their actions are found out by Tohru Adachithe assistant of Detective Ryotaro Dojima.

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Following Rise's return to Yasoinaba, the whole town rustles to Rise's grandmother's tofu store, Marukyu, hoping to see Rise.

In the anime, a billboard is shown advertising Sapphire the day Ren first arrives in the station. Fueled by Rise's declaration, Shadow Rise transforms into a pole-dancing monster and attacks the party. Rise confronts her other self.