WINNER – Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마) | pop!gasa – kpop translation lyrics WINNER – Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마) | pop!gasa – kpop translation lyrics

Don t flirt winner thaisub running, winner - '끼부리지마(don't flirt)' 1012 sbs inkigayo

1hour winner 끼부리지마 don t flirt lyrics

Suddenly, he begins to trip while he avoids stepping on some children's chalk drawings on the sidewalk; upon reaching the other side, he turns back and smiles. He then straightens up with a determined look on his face and begins running again.

Wright's side glows blue while Edgeworth's glows red, then the two colors clash and explode, revealing a golden, shining symbol similar to the sun or an attorney's badge.

Although the other three continue on, Wright and Mia stop with their backs to each other. As the water washes his footprints away, he looks behind him to reveal a panting Wright staring at him.

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In the next scene, Miles Edgeworth is calmly walking on a beach during a light snowfall, leaving footprints in the sand behind him. Edgeworth pulls from his side, then two glowing pillars emerge under their feet and raise gnome don t play dating above the ground; the camera pans around them, showing each man on opposing sides of the Scales of Justice.

WINNER - Don't flirt

He then transitions into court, slamming his hand on the defense's bench and objecting while a blue light glows behind him. The sequence ends with a shot of Wright pointing his finger towards the screen with a serious expression on his face.

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Another jagged screen transition once again becomes Wright's hair, who is standing still with his eyes closed and his head tilted upward while rain falls from a cloudy sky.

An angry Edgeworth appears on the other side of the courtroom and slams his fist onto the prosecution's bench before objecting himself while a red light glows behind him.

Turnabout Winner is the first opening theme of Gyakuten Saiban: Meanwhile, Maya Fey is on her knees meditating in the Channeling Chamber. Alone, they both turn around to look at one another; Mia smiles, while Wright does the same and nods at her.

WINNER - Don’t Flirt

Synopsis Edit A scene from the opening sequence. A jagged screen transition becomes the iconic hair of Phoenix Wrightwho is running across a field with the city towering behind him.

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Both attorneys lift their fist, revealing a golden chain that ties the two of them together. She opens her eyes, turns around, and stands up as mist spirals into view until is covers the entire room.

This causes a vast field of sunflowers to suddenly bloom into existance, first over a barren land, then over the city, with the sunlight shining brightly once again.

As the sun rises, the inside of a courtroom in the District Court becomes illuminated by it, with the view switching between: Wright runs across the now sunflower-covered field, and is soon joined by a smiling Maya Fey, Larry Butzand Dick Gumshoe.

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A blue magatama is seen falling into a void and breaking into pieces. The Scales of Justice above the judge's bench catch the sunlight and shine brightly, which transitions into a background where the logo of the anime appears. The four of them keep running together until Mia Fey appears and walks by them in the opposite direction.

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The sequence begins with a skyline of a city during daybreak.