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Dongwoon sohyun dating advice, friday, june 13, 2014


You can cry it out" I can't take it anymore so I burst out crying while covering my face. And when Seohyun was partnered with Wooyoung, he felt disappointed so I really think he likes Seohyun.

Yoseob Beast - he said he liked Seohyun because of her cuteness. She also said that she never had a guy friend before Yonghwa came into his life. This comment has been removed hook up board skate to violation of our TOS.

He stroked my red cheek gently before hugging me. As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the lock of the couple place. Baro B1A4 - chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups.

She'll never be unhappy with you for long. I prefer YongSeo even if Seohyun knew the 5 guys earlier than Yong for he was the closest male idol to her: Mentions seohyun as ideal type since pre-debut until now.

Choose Seohyun as his dream girl.

Seohyun Dan Kyuhyun Dating

Am I heard it right? She might misunderstand" Dongwoon chuckled and held both my shoulders "Seohyun-ah, I no longer love her. Everything I kept in for years How could you wait so long to tell me that? Retrieved October 14, Kalo mnurutku dongwoon sohyun dating advice, yg paling cocok itu couple SeoKyu.

Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. And I think in return, Seohyun likes him but not as someone who she wants to get married with but just as a friend. And he make it sound convincing.

Ever since when my heart was only looking for you. His ideal type is still Seohyun.

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Chanjo Teen Top - chose Seohyun as the best maknae among girl groups. I put a lot of thoughts into it: I think they're dating. Lucky girl who got your heart The one I do has been right beside me all this while.

Seungri Big Bang - he said he wants to receive a chocolate from Seohyun while calling him an oppa. Tapi saya suka perjalanan kedua remaja ini, sangat banyak perbedaan nya dan saya sangat suka cara mereka beradaptasi satu sama lain. Han Gi Gu - baseball player. Actually, I only have 3 persons in my mind.

Dongwoon grabbed my hand in his and brought me to a nearby park. I looked at the lake and sighed. Archived from the original on January 26, Find someone special and worth your love soon, Seohyun!

Probable K-pop Male Idols you want Seohyun to end up with - Seohyun Girls Generation - Fanpop

When Seohyun gave her a wink, he just melted like…literally of course not. Park Jin Ah, Saranghae Junsu 2PM - he said Seohyun makes his heart flutter. Their connection was so great. Nicole and I squeak in excitement hugging each other as we were looking at the scene in front of us.

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He was seen accompanying seohyun out of the drama after party venue. Warm arms circled around me and patted my back comfortingly. They also congratulated each other when they graduated.

Unnies, stop judging Dongwoon and Beast. Sorry for going on a hiatus without notice and for the short update K. Dongwoon Beast - said he was jealous of YongSeo couple and it was supposed to be his love story. I bet you the first time her group members showed her a porn vid yes kids, GG watches pornthe first thing she said was "ewwwwwwwww!!

I'll keep praying for the both of you! Bad Thief, Good Thief.

Maknae Battle|Dongwoon Seohyun

He pulled me into his embrace and I buried my face on his chest, drenching it with my tears. Their performance in Japan that was already after WGM left me in tears. Noooo that can't be, seriously!!!! At the question, " Is he still active right now?

It's not like the one who once looked so close and sweet on the camera but then gone without any progress. I think that Yonghwa is perfectly imperfect for Seohyun. But since you asked for 6 or 9, I added 3 more.

I think this is one of the happiest momment in my life.

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A - said he likes Seohyun on TV Daily. For years I've lived with the unnies. They may not be a couple but there can be a possibility of a friendship only if there were more chances of them seeing each other.

The only problem I see is the age gap they have Leeteuk: I think I had made a silly move for breaking up with her. With Nicole in the middle we make a group hugs.

Lights Go On Again - [Dongwoon/Seohyun/Kyuhyun]

She also starred in the drama Moon Lovers: Chansung and I again automatically turn our head to look at her. And the way he looks at Seohyun is so realy. TiramiQ the 2nd Yesterday, Her mother was a chairman at a piano school and Seohyun was taught how to play piano, as well as violin and traditional Korean drums in her early childhood.