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Upon Kibito healing and offering Gohan an explanation, Videl asks Gohan to let her go along, wanting to know what exactly is going on. After blackmailing Gohan to enter the tournament and teach her the flight technique using ki energy to flyshe gradually starts to fall in love with him, for his kind and honest heart.

Videl interjects after the Saiyans failed the first attempt, revealing her pregnancy to Beerus and everyone else.

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Golden Frieza Saga After the fight with Goku and Vegeta, Videl was first seen at Gohan's houseas Videl is about to make dinner, but Gohan insists on making it instead, since he does not want Videl to be overworked. She does not know that Gohan passes away when Kid Buu annihilates Earth.

Videl quickly gains the upper hand, even breaking Spopovich's neckthough he repairs it, shocking Videl and everyone else watching the match.

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Biography Background Videl was born in Age When Gohan is in mortal danger from a ki drain from Yamu and Spopovich, she tries to save him, but is stopped only by being physically restrained by Goku.

She later becomes the wife of Gohan and mother of Pan. She is also a competitive fighter as she blackmailed Gohan in order to get him to enter the tournament as she wanted to fight him after seeing his abilities and deduced he was the son of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament champion due to sharing the same surname, though she also demanded he teach her how to fly to ensure it would be jokingly flirting with forty fair fight, which also shows she was not fooled by her father's claims that such techniques were simple tricks.

Videl in heaven with Bulma, Chi-Chi and Dabura In an anime-exclusive filler only, she ends up in heaven and searches for Gohan, along with DaburaChi-Chi and Bulmabut they cannot find him.

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Videl appeared later as she was comforting a crying Pan but neither of them realize that Freiza was blowing up the planet as a last resort and both of them were killed until Whis undid the event with his Temporal Do-Over so that Goku could kill Frieza once more.

This is most likely because of an animation error. In the beginning in both Gather for the Tournament episode and Broly - Second Coming, she retains this outfit only her black spandex short shorts are replaced with a black capris. She becomes suspicious of Gohan after meeting him on his first day at Orange Star High Schooland she even follows him for a brief time to learn more about him.

Videl after taking Gohan's advice to cut her hair Videl becomes very strong for a human, and enters the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. She and Gohan spend private time together during the party and she joins everyone in clapping for Beerus after he arrives with Whisalso chanting Beerus' name.

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She even cuts her hair one day after he had suggested it though she initially thought he just liked girls with short hair, he explained that long hair will only get in the way during a fight.

After Beerus defeats Buu and Gotenks, Gohan attacks him and is defeated, Videl coming to his aid thereafter. Nappa follows him, and attacks him, doing increasingly better, but still not good enough.

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He flies at them with aspirations to kill them. Videl with the group on Kami's Lookout Videl goes with the rest of the group to look for the Dragon Balls. Videl grew up learning martial artshoping to be as great as her father, when in fact, unknown to herself, she was already better and stronger than him.

In a matter of days, Videl learns how to fly, and starts to develop a liking for Gohan. Satan and their daughter Videl at one point, leaving only the two of them in their family. Nappa comes out of the rubble stark raving mad. She agrees to leave, then looks back and says "You better come back, cause I'm not finished with you yet, Gohan" In Kai, she says that she'll miss him.

Additionally being the daughter of Mr. After waiting with Gohan for the Punching Machine destroyed by Vegeta to be replaced, Videl and the other high-scoring fighters draw their numbers for the first round.

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Soon, the tables turn against her as Spopovich keeps getting back up after her attacks, without any visible damage. Goku flies after him, but sees he will not stop Nappa in time, and consequently is forced to use the Kaio-ken.

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This commitment to Gohan convinces the once evil Dabura that he is in the presence of true love, a feeling he never knew before, which embarrasses Videl since Chi-Chi is present. Satan, Gohan, and her friends. Universe 6 Saga Videl watches the Tournament of Destroyerssaying little to nothing in any of the battles.

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But later, Barry is possessed by the space criminal Watagashand he becomes a powerful-enough match for Gohan, knocking him out and kidnapping Pan. In Xenoverse 2, it is implied that Videl and Gohan are in the early stages of their romantic relationship.

Nappa comes off the hit easily, and launches a Ki beam at Goku. At the end of the series, she wears a red dress and a red mini skirt with her hair grown back.

Goku connects with him before he hits the ground and knocks him into a hill in vengeance for Tien.


There is one scene in an episode of Dragon Ball Super where Videl isn't wearing her leggings. Satan freaks out, suspicious of the boy, insisting she be checked up for poisoning.

Goten and Trunks go on an adventure to get her a wedding present which is a bottle of special spring water that keeps her skin really soft that she uses to apply to her face.

For his enjoyment, Spopovich steps on Videl's head. Gohan then left the gang and went back to his home where he promised both Videl and Pan that they would protect them both.

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As she becomes a great flyer, Gohan begins to think that Videl is really something special. However it is implied that she eventually came to better understand that Gohan did indeed care about her and that his obliviousness was simply due to his pure heart and not a sign of disinterest Gohan himself was also a bit shy as well.