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The two confirmed their relationship after Labor Day Weekend in Well apparently those rumors were actually true. Due to the current trend of sexier and plumper lips, there is every chance that Eiza Gonzalez opted for some lip filler injections. Cheek augmentation could have been done to add length and sharpness to her face.

However, she has never admitted to any breast augmentation surgery and thus we cannot conclude she has undergone any breast implant surgery. In honor of the weekend where your arm gets covered in pieces of fabric that opens millions of doors to happiness!

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A debut with this character that is described as the mistress of evil and the central figure in an ancient cult of bloodsucking vampires. In all honesty, I'm kind of happy for Eiza. Check out the kiss!

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Her current lips are significantly fuller than in her old photos. Her lips do not look too pouty like many other celebrities. I couldn't be more lucky to have eunji and in guk dating quotes a beautiful inside out person as my life partner!

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The beautiful Mexican actress and singer has been in the limelight since moving to Hollywood. Now married to D. Coachella Here we go!!! I've had my suspicions regarding Eiza and DJ Cotrona. Not only did she mention that she loves him but she also referred to him as her life partner.

Her different chin sparks the possibility of chin implants, which might have been done at the same time as her nose job. On a statementthe Mexican beauty said: Her facial fat seem to have gone down significantly since those teenage years.

Some might argue that her facial changes are due to her natural weight loss and professional makeover. These two are officially an item and Eiza confirmed it herself on Twitter with the sweetest message ever!

The Latest Celebrity Plastic Surgery News

She can get them for free. Eiza Gonzalez was cast into the limelight when she was with Liam Hemsworth for a while. But the hook up only lasted 24 hours, then they went their separate ways. Her before pictures show a not so impressive set of breasts.

So, no more expending money on the product. Check Out the latest Poses by Eiza Gonzalez in the video below: This year, the Mexican actress added this new title to her resume. Since then the love birds have spent several holidays together.

There could also be the usage of Botox to hold her facial muscle. For that, we need to look at Eiza Gonzalez before and after pictures to examine further. What is commendable about her is her truthful admission of her nose job.

She's been the topic of discussion ever since she was caught making out with Miley Cyrus' ex, Liam Hemsworth and I don't mean that in a good way.

Her recent appearance in a black dress show very rounded breasts which are consistent with breast implants. Getty Images Another popular surgical enhancement among celebrities is the use of lip fillers.

Photography lighting can explain some of the apparent changes but when too many pictures tell the same story, there is more weight to the story of plastic surgery.

Not many celebrities have the courage to admit any plastic surgery done. Cotrona, she has a bright future in entertainment ahead of her. They share credits in From Dusk Till Dawn. Te amo mi amor!

It sounds like things have gotten pretty serious, no? Eiza Gonzalez has recently been spotted with a set of bigger boobs. See her transformation over the years Yesterday afternoon Eiza posted the most random picture of DJ Cotrona with the caption: I'm glad she found someone who loves her and fully appreciates her-- despite it all!

What do you think of Eiza Gonzalez plastic surgery? Eiza has changed from her early hip hop funky style to her current polished look. Apr 16, at Thank God for bringing you into my life! Some expert plastic surgeons also noticed that her facial structures looks different due to possible Botox treatments to her forehead and brow.

Gonzalez made her U. Eiza Gonzalez has admitted to having some work done on her nose.

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And sure she was happy the whole weekend posting pictures of her different outfits at the festival. Cotrona plays the role of Seth Gecko in the TV series. Her less squarish face has led to plastic surgeons questioning the possibility of surgery to her jawline.

In an interview with Latin Times, she confessed she got freaked when she had to shoot a scene surrounded by snakes. Yes, the hottie who plays Seth Gecko!

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So it was only a matter of time before she finally came clean about their relationship. Looks like she is catching fast on her bust area. More Plastic Surgery Gossip. Her chin now looks smaller and sharper, with more definition. Gonzalez is always posting pictures of them together and expressing how much she loves him.

Eiza Gonzalez Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Just a few months ago she posted the exact same picture of him pictured below to Instagram with the message: But according to Hollywood Life, Hemsworth told Miley that he found out that Gonzalez was just using him popularity and tipping off photographers.

With her current role on the television show, From Dusk till Dawn: Now Gonzalez is following her footsteps in the new TV adaptation, you can watch it on Netflix. This guy has been with me in the best and worstand has helped me go through everything with a huge smile on my face.

Fillers injections cannot be ruled out as her cheeks appear to look much lifted. The Series, we will get to see lots of her on TV. Natural growth could not achieve such desired effect.