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She can not calm flirting words for women and is arrested for interrupting the medical examiners.

Is there a way to request a poem be added? The incredulous scientist goes to the shanty town to obtain the mice. Ay, ay, ay, ay, Toma este vals con la boca cerrada En Viena hay cuatro espejos donde juegan tu boca y los ecos, Hay una muerte para piano, que pinta de azul a los muchachos.

To celebrate his freedom, Pedro and Dorita go to a fair. The police finally apprehend Pedro, who surprisingly, confesses rather than admit the truth because of the absurdity of the situation. He excuses himself for being drunk, but she welcomes his advanced and they make love, starting a relationship.

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Hay un fragmento de la manana en el mueso de la escarcha Hay un salon con mil ventanas Ay, ay, ay, ay, Toma este vals con la boca cerrada Este vals, este vals, este vals, de si, de muerte y de conac que moja su cola en el mar Te el silencio de la muerte latino dating, te quiero, te quiero, con la butaca y el libro muerto, por el melancolico pasillo en el oscuro desvan del lirio, en nuestra cama de la luna y en la danza que suena la tortuga.

What a bliss he offers the reader! Still believing that Pedro is guilty of Florita's death, Cartucho takes advantage of a moment in which Pedro is away buying some sweets and stabs Dorita. He really can cast a magical spell on us! Cartucho, a low life tough guy, boyfriend of the butchered Florita, is jealous of the doctor and after talking to Amador, extracts a false confession.

During her birthday reunion, Dorita clearly shows Pedro that she is interested in him.

Ballad Of The Moon

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With the horrific death of her sister, Conchi reveals that Muecas was the father of the dead child in an incestuous relationship with his own daughter.

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Meanwhile Pedro's girlfriend, Dorita and Matias try to help him using Matias's influences in order to set Pedro free, but they do not succeed. Pedro himself lives in a modest boarding house run by a military widow and her daughter Dora, who also has a vivacious daughter, Dorita.

Pedro is awakened at dawn by Muecas who needs his help as a doctor and begs him to save the life of his daughter, Florita, who is severely hemorrhaging after a botched abortion. Cast The role of Dorita was significantly expanded from the novel to take advantage of Victoria Abril, marketability as an actress, to add explicit sex scenes and to contrast the passivity of Pedro's character with Dorita vivacity.

Hay mendigos por los tejados Hay frescas guirnaldas de llanto Ay, ay, ay, ay, Toma este vals con la boca cerrada Porque te quiero, te quiero, amor mio, en el desvan donde juegan los ninos, sonando viejas luces de Hungria por los rumores de la tarde tibia, viendo ovejas y lirios de nieve por el silencio oscuro de tu frente.

If Death If death comes and asks for me Do me a favor And tell it to come back tomorrow Because my debts haven't been canceled Nor have I finished a poem Nor have I arranged my clothes for the trip Nor have I delivered a package Nor have I locked my drawers Nor have I told my friends what I have to tell them Nor have I felt the scent of an unborn rose Nor have I dug up my roots Nor have I written an overdue letter Because I haven't even washed my hands Nor have I met a son Nor have I walked through unknown countries Nor do I know the sea's seven sails Nor the sailor's song Tell it please that I'm aware That it has to wait Because haven't kissed my girlfriend goodbye Because I haven't shaken hands with my family Nor have I blew the dust off my books Nor have I whistled my favorite song Nor have I reconciled with my enemies Tell it I haven't tried suicide, Nor have I seen my people free Tell it, if you want, to come back tomorrow Because it's not that I'm afraid, but I haven't even The owner of the boarding house tries to encourage the doctor to fall in love with his granddaughter, Dorita, so that his medical career may release them all from a life of squalor and penury.

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Mira que orillas tengo de jacintos Dejare mi boca entre tus piernas, mi alma en fotografias y azucenas, y en las ondas oscuras de tu andar quiero, amor mio, amor mio, dejar, violin y sepulcro, las cintas del vals.

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Tell it, if you want, to come back tomorrow Because it's not that I'm afraid, but I haven't even However, in the commissary, Ricarda, realizing that the doctor has wrongly accused of her daughter death, tells what have happened. Amador makes him wrongly belief that Pedro is guilty of having aborted the child and killed the mother.

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Meanwhile, Matias begs Amador to tell the police the truth of Pedro's innocence, but Amador refuses to cooperate.

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