Julie Chen reveals she had plastic surgery to look less Asian Julie Chen reveals she had plastic surgery to look less Asian

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So my whole life my identity has been questioned and denied. Then when I enter my teenage years, my eyelids became looser and looser. But when low self-esteem is combined with external pressures, we can sometimes get a little lost.

For me, it has to do with identity. There are so many people who would love to have your very white skin.

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My own mother has even complimented me on my new double eyelids. I think South Korea has had a bad wrap made by Western media making the people here sound like monsters when really the majority of them have done fairly minor surgeries.

In my experience, that kind of eyelid conversation is merely a symptom of a deeper misalignment in perspectives and expectations… almost a difference in culture if that makes sense. Xiahn Nishi, who was previously named Max, underwent 10 procedures to make himself look Asian.

Now that I am much older, both my eyes have become double-lided and appear much bigger than before. After being told by a number of surgeons that the eyelid surgery could femeii online dating be done, he finally found a surgeon who agreed to perform a permanent procedure to close up the inner corner of his eye.

Caucasian women say the same thing to me. And to add to societal norms, there are also family norms to consider. I am multiracial, black and native American mostly. My past boyfriends for example have ALL complimented the monolid look.

Increasing Number of Asians Seek Eye Surgery to Look “American”

I started recording my newscasts every day and all I could see was my eyes, and I'd ask myself, "Does he have a point? They believe the way to get ahead is to look beautiful because their societies place a high value on beauty.

She just skipped a few steps in her explanation. It may take time, so be patient with her. The technical term for eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty, a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the skin around the eye with incisions and sutures to create a defined crease on the upper lid.

Growing up Viet-American my family have watched Vietnamese entertainment, and like everywhere else, the majority of the singers have had some kind of surgery mainly the women.

As I got older, I started to lose weight and age so my creases came in. I just want to express what I have dealt with in terms of identity. He said he was surrounded by people who had undergone double-eyelid surgery to change the shape of their eyes to a western-look.

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Chris October 27, at 1: Clare June 6, at 2: People who speak with accents are looked down on. Seems like a common occurence. While her parents had witnessed the racist bullying that saw her called 'Ching Chong' on the school bus, they feared she was denying her Chinese heritage. Doing a research paper and came across your post.

Marina Post author December 5, at 6: At the urging of a "big-time agent," who told her he wouldn't represent her unless she got plastic surgery [I just need to interject and say that agent was a racist dickhead], Chen got the procedure -- a decision that divided her family and left her wondering if she had turned her back on her heritage.

She admits that she did get more high-profile work after the cosmetic surgery, but she did have concerns about whether she should have agreed to do it so readily.

Asian Eyes: A Fold Between Beauty and Identity

Then as I grew up it became ridiculous. October 13, at 8: The chemical is often used in cosmetic procedures to smooth wrinkles.

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Some of them are even envious of the monolid, which they believe makes Asians look exotic and different from them. No one is more proud to be Chinese than I am. And he said, 'You will never be on this anchor desk, because you're Chinese.

I would get double lids naturally when I wake up in the morning for a while and then they went back to monolids but with obviously fold lines on the eyelids. Your story is fascinating! A fold is cut into the eyelid to create a double fold, an effect that widens the appearance of the eyes.

How can you look in my eyes and still not believe me? It was all very new to me that people of Asian descent vied for these surgeries.

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Yes about 1 in 5 women have had surgery for the younger generation it is definitely more popular and it is also more common for men to have these surgeries. Seoul, South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of Asia. Ms Chen, pictured on Tuesday left and last week right wonders if she gave in too readily to the pressure to have surgery, but maintains that she is proud to be Chinese and lives without regrets Living in the present: I wanted to cry right then and there.

Surprisingly, it's a growing trend in America too.

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It's been a week of Secrets Revealed! Because, for real, her career really did get going after she got that surgery. I had monolids as a baby. This was the exact case with me.

Of course, I imagine there are probably a lot of people in South Korea who will look at this and say, "So what?

Julie Chen Responds to Eye Surgery Critics: I Don't Look Less Chinese! | E! News

How big of an Asian community do we have in Dayton? I think that says it all.

This was in a US high school, a time when questions about identity get explored, so I can imagine there being a lot of internal and external struggles at play—for everyone involved.

Share Unsurprisingly, her boss's words hit her hard.

Julie Chen of 'The Talk' had secret eye surgery to look less Chinese

I had always thought Asian eyes beautiful I always hated my very white skin. Thinking that they will be prettier, they want their eyes to look bigger.

Still, others are not outraged, but saddened by the popularity of blepharoplasty, citing that mothers pass on to their children the message that the shape of their natural eyes is something to be ashamed of, and an unfortunate act of nature that must be cosmetically corrected in order to compete and be accepted in their respective societies.

Marina Post author January 17, at A Girl Named Cake December 26, at I like to think of identity as something that we can explore, define, and redefine as we go.

Above Top Secret website. He has also experimented with hair colour, turning his dyed blond hair to bubblegum pink and now to its current dark shade of brown.

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