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Margaret intervenes, and he kills her by breaking her neck. Meanwhile, a local elderly woman, Margaret, visits Father Daly at his parish, and discusses Damon, whom she knew personally; Father Daly insists Damon wrongly murdered the man, though Margaret believes he was in fact Lucifer, and Father Damon, a manifestation of the archangel Raphael.

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Simultaneously, a group from the school is showing an outdoor play retelling the life of Jesus. Later, Andrew is notified that he has received scholarships to several Ivy League colleges, including Yale and Harvardbut is insouciant to the news.

At a local bar, Andrew's father drunkenly raves about his son being the devil before returning home and shooting his wife in the head. After arriving at the castle, they are accosted by the undead. On the island, a group of teenagers arrive to party after the dance, including Tony, his girlfriend Marie, Brenda, and others.

Mark's girlfriend, Julie, is distraught, and shortly after begins having bizarre visions of Andrew raping her.

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Decades later, inAndrew Williams is born. Andrew enters the room and kisses him, after which Tony stabs himself to death. The event leaves Tony hysterical, and he leaves, terrified of Andrew. After his mother is paralyzed under mysterious circumstances, Andrew's father realizes something is peculiar about his son, eventually coming to the realization that Andrew is the son of Lucifer.

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Marie is killed, and Tony and Brenda flee to an upstairs room, where Tony finds he has inexplicably developed breasts. Andrew feels drawn to the estate where Father Damon committed the murder, which is due for demolition for an impending golf course.

Fear No Evil

Julie watches as Andrew transforms into Lucifer, but is able to defeat him with the power of Father Damon's crucifix. Overcome by strange powers, Tony kisses him in front of their peers.

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During a gym class, one of Andrew's classmates, Mark, inexplicably suffers ruptured organs during a dodgeball game and dies. Andrew carries Brenda outside and lays her on an altar, where he stabs her to death.

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As a senior in high school, Andrew is withdrawn and socially awkward, and as a result is often bullied by his peers. On the night of a school dance, Andrew arrives at the castle estate and invokes Leviathan and Beelzebuband summons the undead from grave sites on the property.

The man he kills claims to be Lucifer himself, and promises to return. At school one day, one of Andrew's tormentors, Tony, attempts to harass him in the gym shower.

The spirits of Julie, Father Damon, and Margaret—the three archangels—coalesce, as Andrew is engulfed and destroyed in a beam of a light.

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Margaret and Julie arrive on the scene, brandishing Father Damon's processional crosswhich causes Andrew to recoil. During the scene of the crucifixion, the actor onstage begins exhibiting real stigmatacausing the audience to flee in horror.

She later hears voices calling her Gabrielle a feminization of archangel Gabrieland is directed to Margaret's home by the disembodied voice of Father Damon.

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