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Anthony questions the three about the alcohol in Philly and clears Sean and Syrus but keeps Montana on suspension because she let the youngsters under her supervision also try alcohol.

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Elka reperio latino dating she has to return someday and it's going to hurt anyway. Genesis admits to having a bad childhood and Syrus admits he has been accused of rape before. He delivers an ultimatum to Syrus: Genesis argues that maybe she is bi-sexual.

While Jason, Genesis and Kameelah hitchhike around the island, Sean, Syrus and Montana play in the house with Elka and have an old-time photo taken.

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Genesis puts her thoughts on paper known as "Genesisisms" and hangs them in the house. Later that night, Sean and Syrus leave their youngsters and go out with the college crowd to a bar and a party. But when Doug denies seeing another woman, they argue and she hangs up on him.

Calling him the "whitest of white boys," Kameelah feels Sean sees her only as a black person and not an individual.

Despite their differences, they all appear to be getting along just fine for now. When they talk a second time, Mom tells Genesis she has not eaten in a week.

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All the guys seem to wish she'd reconsider. Meanwhile, Syrus and Sean get into many conversations about how blacks were repressed in earlier times. She thinks Vaj shouldn't care since they gave each other permission to see other people.

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Syrus agrees to end the relationship but continues to see her anyway. On the home front, tension flares again between Montana and Kameelah as well as Montana and Elka.

In Philadelphia, the group attends the summit but Sean sleeps through President Clinton 's speech. The gang has a tearful goodbye with the youngsters at the ASP as well as goodbyes of their own at Logan International Airport. She is dating Doug on a regular basis, going to dinner and attending his step show performance.

Jason and Kameelah assure Genesis she will be fine after she leaves Boston and that they will call her soon. Tensions rise towards Syrus, as Kameelah does not believe in dating anyone from work and Montana doesn't feel that he is taking the job seriously.

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Meanwhile, Genesis talks to her mom about their rocky past and her bad childhood. Montana thinks Kameelah is hypocritical.

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Meanwhile at Shelter Inc. Sean confronts Genesis, feeling that she ignores him and only talks to him after he talks to her. Genesis reveals that she was suicidal when she was younger. San Franciscowith whom he has eight children.

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A Lumberjack training comes in handy when Sean and Jason try to bury the hatchet. Genesis cries alone in her room.

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Anthony tells Kameelah that she is the only roommate that is taking her volunteer job seriously. Dad is worried and doesn't approve of Elka's new ideas about the world, especially having her eyebrow pierced, hanging out with Genesis at gay bars, or her continued desire to be with Walter.

Some got more sun then others--Montana flashes Sean and his video camera. Anthony brings the youngsters to the house for a surprise early morning song and visit, where the roommates wake up to "Put a Little Love in Your Heart. Mom and Elka shouldn't worry about them. Genesis and Tammy end up breaking up because the strain of having a relationship with so many issues has become a problem.

Anthony also asks Elka to produce a play for the youngsters to perform on Parent's Night. Her list includes things such as "must have a name with more than one syllable" or "must be able to dance.

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This initiates an enormous conversation about rape in which Montana and Syrus disagree. She interviews at the Red Cross but declines the job because of her blood phobia.

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She tries to fix this by chatting on a Web site for "transsexuals" and meets a wonderful man who dresses in drag. Meanwhile, Genesis begins to wonder if she was too hasty in deciding she is gay. They end up leaving Elka and head out to the beach for a midnight swim.

Sean teaches Aldo how to fly a radio-controlled airplane and Jason gets the youngsters to start journals.

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The roommates feel it is not Montana's business to tell Anthony about Syrus, but if Syrus gets fired from the ASP, they feel he needs to be kicked out of the loft. He definitely does not.

The roommates attend an ASP ski trip, where Anthony assigns them to watch the youngsters. Meanwhile, Elka is getting frustrated with her long-distance relationship with Walter.

Timber attempts to win Jason back, but he wants to be left alone. As the group tries to find the bus to take them home, they got lost.

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She has for the most part stayed caught up with the series. Jason agrees with the comments but Montana takes it very personally. The gang moves on to the Taste of Philly, where Sean and Montana drink alcohol in front of the children. Genesis, however, is dealing with her own issues.

She is tired of representing Black America for Sean and eventually has it out with him.

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Montana feels bad about the situation but there is nothing she can do to change Anthony's mind. Meanwhile, Syrus, Sean and Montana wonder why Genesis suddenly has so much to say when she just got done telling them she has nothing to say.

Genesis finally comes out of her shell when she, Kameelah and Sean go to a gay bar. Vaj wonders what's wrong, since she claimed she couldn't wait for him to arrive, and now that he is there, she wants him to go.

Montana yells at Vaj, telling him he could have come to Boston but it's too late now since she has plans. Sean feels Kameelah has put a wall up around her and he can't talk to her. Kameelah finds Ed, a friend of Syrus', making out with a girl in their bathroom.

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Elka offers to have her dad pay for half of the trip but Walter refuses. Jason and Genesis immediately bond and want to room together, along with Syrus. Jason is angry that Timber lied about her drug use and that she stayed with another guy while they were apart.

Walter and Elka have an emotional departure at Logan International.