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We must interject an observation regarding profile pics at this stage. In the first hour, our testers had more than seven loves, 20 profile visits and 15 friend requests each.

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I am not an idealist. This is why we took Flirty9 for a spin — flirty9 scams determine if it offers users something beyond being simply free.

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I started at 10 years. During our test, two of our testers never received a confirmation email following their registration. Even though our testers had only been on the site for a few minutes, the number of profile visits and loves that they were receiving was growing at a brisk pace.

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This is all of the information that is required to register on Flirty9. If one of the members whom you friended friends you back, you can open up an online flirty9 scams with them The registration process is straightforward.

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I love and be loved for who I am and what I represent. You are then directed to a page where you must enter a valid email address and then choose a username and password for the site. They tend to function using advertising as a means to monetize their service.


I want to start a family and have children. Being free does not spare an online dating site from having to meet the expectations of its users.

The reasons why I got into this internet dating, it's just because I've had too many disappointments in love, I decided after much thought to get on this dating site to meet at the heart of my life.

Here are the results of our review. It goes to the extent of posting a promise on its main site stating that they will never charge for their service. You start at the Flirty9 main page and select your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for from a drop-down menu.

As we opened the profiles of these images, we discovered that most were written poorly or missing entirely. One more point before concluding with the description of the registration process.

Again, a classic sign of a fake profile. While they are in the minority, they do exist. You also have the option of uploading a profile picture at this stage. This is not to imply that there are not any authentically free dating sites. Free trial memberships are offered by the majority of dating and hookup sites in order to allow potential new members an opportunity to evaluate their service.

I'm on cloud nine.

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We did not engage with any profile that, in our opinion, was genuine. I hate lies, malice, hypocrisy, I love the dedication, solidarity among peoples, walking, reading, cooking, here in a few sentences how I see things.

Once you enter the site you will come across many profile pictures that are of a graphic adult nature. I know life is a daily struggle, but two is always easier. These profiles belonged to scammers trying their best to make us contact them on their private email accounts or to send them text messages.

Dating Scammer – Alice Miller aka Lia19 aka Lia Leah

To the extent you have any questions for me about me, I'll attached two pictures of me if you can at least know who you are because I have not seen any spype on my computer I install multiple faith, but there are a virus that continues to refuse me access to my post This is my maternal grandmother who taught me to cook because my mother could not do anything in the kitchen!

They are not filtered by any sort of criteria. I'm not someone you can trust, even if the photo could be presumed. We accepted a few of these invites — not using our real emails, of course — and in the six test cases, ALL eventually tried to lure us onto bizarre sounding web pages and one even tried to pass off a sob story about a family tragedy to get us to wire them money in Senegal.

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Je with a hug man, sincere, serious and very true feelings of love for a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, dialogue, complicity and love. I am looking to share with a man, moments of tenderness and borrowings strong feelings They can also be used to improve your positioning when you turn up on the search page of other members.

I am a sensitive person What can I say more than what you ask me any questions you would ask me. The images were consistent with what we have seen on sites that are plagued by fake profiles. When we started probing to see who the people that were expressing such interest in us were, we confirmed our suspicions that we were dealing with a less than adequate site.

Cooking, I like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals for my family, my friends I am proud of the person who will accompany me in my life. When we got our first look inside Flirty9 — especially at the profile images — our expectations for the site dropped.

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I love life first.