Why I Left Buzzfeed Gaby Dunn Why I Left Buzzfeed Gaby Dunn

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These are some of his favorite characters. It started at In reality, they have a passive aggressive relationship that's as dangerous as the protagonist's.

Then at 11, the live feed was switched over to Mission Control Houston and then up to the ISS where astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield, and Tom Marshburn were waiting to answer more questions about working on the space station.

Let me know if you have any requests. Most done at BuzzFeed. Episode 3 is outside!

Check out the people involved and some of the lucky audience members who got to chat live with the astronauts: The whole event lasted about an hour.

His website is an absolute disaster. Garrett lives in Los Angeles, one of America's top cities by many measures. A couple done not.

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The sole other surviving vlog entry can be found here. Candy Hearts Written by and starring Garrett, this mockumentary visits the creator of those candy hearts that are popular around Valentine's Day: We were able to see some tools they use, hear about how they stay fit while living in zero gravity, and we even got to see one of them wiggle around trying to imitate a cat, which I must admit was very entertaining.

As an amateur photographer, my favorite part was hearing Chris Hadfield talk about taking pictures in space and the huge lenses they are able to use without needing a tripod. Boyfriend Friends Written by and starring Garrett, this new BuzzFeed series highlights the awkward relationship between boyfriends of two best friends.

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That may not sound impressive to you but trust me, it is. But would they ever hang out without their girlfriends there? Episode 2 features a puzzle double date. Watching them floating around on my computer screen was so unreal.

Don't try to place the accent, it has neither place nor time. I have never been a huge science nerd but I have always admired astronauts and what they do so being able to see them on the space station was awesome.

About In addition to the videos below, Garrett's appeared in hundreds of other BuzzFeed videos. Shower Thoughts Written by Garrett, this represents the beginnings of an abandoned vlog for BuzzFeed. All of the questions were great and the astronauts, both in space and on the ground, were able to answer them beautifully.

Contact us about this article Listening to these guys was as cool as watching a Bill Nye video about space. Sure, it's cordial enough and they see one another almost every weekend. Garrett strips away the mental blocks behind having confidence and off his clothes.