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People had believed this process could work out,' he added. It was thought the gamma-ray jets were tightly focused by hugely forceful magnetic fields. Share this article Share Rather than exploding in all directions like searching for sysrcd datehookup do, hypernovas shoot out two 'jets' of concentrated energy in opposite directions.

But really, what are the odds of 2 colliding? Have you Ever seen a Neutron star No?

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Glennfalconi the Sun doesnt possess the mass to become a neutron star. And even if you lived over lightyears away BUT you are next to that explosion.

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The resultspublished in the journal Nature, finally show in great detail that as the star collapses, its rotational speed can sky-rocket. The universe is beautiful sushanalone: D The Kickboxing Community: One teaspoon of this matter is heavier than mount everest!

Blue Waters used a series of gamma ray burst simulation dating variables to produce a 3D simulation of the instant when a star turns into a hypernova. The final simulation has been slowed down to make it possible to watch in greater detail.

Rather than exploding in all direction like supernovas do supernova Cassiopea A shownhypernovas shoot out two 'jets' of concentrated energy in opposite directions.

Blue Waters simulation shows jets of gamma ray bursting from a dying star

A team of astronomers including scholars from the University of California, Berkeley and the California institute of technology used a supercomputer to study this event. How this exactly happend i don't know.

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The simple fact that our satellites could spot them at all means that they are among the brightest cataclysms in space. This requires the dying star to increase its magnetic field by at least a quadrillion times, which has now been witnessed in the simulation Scientists believe that most of these beams originate billions of light-years far from Earth.

Still don't know what causes GRBs. And yes, two of those colliding is enough for a short GRB.

Gamma ray burst simulation

This is what happens when balls touch. They expect the same to happen with the sun when it dies after the red fiant phase.

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As seen in the 3D visualisation, this turbulence, in accordance with a process called 'magnetorotational instability' creates a sort of dynamo that revs up the star's magnetic field dramatically - up to a million billion times Earth's magnetic field.

Scientists think most of these beams originate billions of light-years far from Earth, and the simple fact we can spot them means they are among the brightest events in space.

They turn around like a hundred times a second and they are so incredibley massive! Those are Neutron Stars, not white or red dwarves.

Gamma Ray Bursts

They were first observed in by satellites scanning the skies for evidence of nuclear bomb tests. Neutron stars is nothing but what is left of the star core after a supernova.

What sort of planets are they? LMAO, all the people posting how to survive a Gamma Ray Burst, lol, u cannot, and will not survive, even if one of these rays hit the Milky Way, they have the power of thousand Trillion suns, how can u survive that lol tyebillion: Those jets, also known as 'gamma-ray bursts' are extremely quick - a lengthy burst lasts about seconds - but very powerful.

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And we're still missing important information. This ultimately builds up the energy capable of churning out the gamma-ray jets.

Blue Waters showed that as massive star dies, its rotational speed increases greatly, and this in turn revs up the magnetic field. Because they're so strange!

[] Simulations on High-z Long Gamma-Ray Burst Rate

The idea that gamma-ray bursts are produced by exploding stars is a widely-accepted theory, but the exact mechanisms in which they are created has been murky, until now. In particular, the team used Blue Waters, one of the most powerful high-performance computers in the world, hosted by the University of Urbana-Champaign in Illinois.

But that would imply that a dying star manages to increase its magnetic fields by around a quadrillion times.