Fender Serial Number Lookup Guide and Database Fender Serial Number Lookup Guide and Database

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That is why I decided to write this article.

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After the neck was finished, a Fender employee would either stamp or handwrite the date on the end of the guitar neck on its heel. I say this only joking. As you would expect, the value of a Rolex watch, unlike a fine wine, will decrease in value as new, improved models are launched by Rolex.

The Rolex serial numbers also referred to as Rolex style numbers or case numberis bosnian girls for dating helpful in determining if a watch such as a Submariner watch is a genuine authentic Rolex as some fakes do not have serial g&l serial number dating see How To Spot a Fake Rolex article for tips.

The serial number location has changed a few times of the years.

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Unfortunately, Fender decided not to simply write the date of manufacture on the guitar. You will need to remove the bracelet carefully from the watch using a small screw driver or tack.

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Few Fender guitars have dates written on the bodies under the pickups, in the routed out cavities, and near the wiring harnesses. From to Fender stamped its guitar's serial number on either the top or bottom of the neck plate.

After the entire guitar was assembled, the indentification number was stamped in place.

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Let's call this date, the date your Wadsworth case was made, the Wadsworth Date. Being many months later, the serial number date and the neck date might not match.

As with the serial number, the bracelet must be detached from the 12 o'clock side of the case to be able to check the serial number. The age along with other factors such as the condition of the bracelet will help Bob's establish the true, fair market value of the wristwatch.

In Fender decided to start making reissued vintage guitars. The reason for this is simple; you are most likely to find the most information published about a watch when it first went up for sale.

Rolex Serial Numbers & Production Dates Lookup Chart | Bob's Watches

Unfortunately, the serial number placement is sporadic and many ID numbers over lap between years and models. What does the date on the neck mean?

Necks could sit for days, weeks, or even months at a time before being matched with a body. When inspecting the different models of Rolex watches this "look up" tool, or widget, is the only one of its kind in the industry and allows people to easily find the manufacture date of their pre-owned Rolex by the Rolex band serial numbers.

It is a five to seven digit number starting with in the year Modern Fender production guitars, to the present, have their ID numbers on the front or back of the headstock near the Fender decal. The production age of a pre-owned Rolex watch is a significant factor in determining its current market value.


They were simply internal numbers to help with production. Fender like Gibson has been producing guitars for many years. These guitars were replicas of the early and s era guitars. This marking is only visible when the neck is removed from the body because it is covered in the neck pocket.

For identification research, the critical date is the "Introduction Date", the date the watch model was first introduced to the public for sale. Your Wadsworth Date will be later than the Introduction Date. That's how the Fender production line worked. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o'clock position where the bracelet is attached.

Manufacture Date Look Up Tool & Chart

Also refer to the Rolex Serial Number Chart below. It all has to do with how Fender produced guitars. After reviewing the ID number, you might find out that the two corresponding dates don't coincide.

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