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Goo hara dating jun hyung and hyuna, before fame

Yong junhyung goo hara dating

That moment, Jun Hyung realized Hyun Seung was the love of his life. So he decided to start the investigation with HyunA, she was always a cheerful girl like his sister. But there was something missing, maybe from the start, something was not there. They kissed and acted like they were real couple, a wave of horrible feeling struck him when Jun Hyung watched it with BEAST but he tried to keep calm.

Jun Hyung assured himself that Hyun Seung was happy because TroubleMaker was the place he could shine out, showed the world he could be something awesome. Fortunately for Goo Hara, she doesn't seem to be getting as much grief.

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She was like trying to hide something and right the moment she nervously pushed back the hair, he saw something looked like a hickey under her earlobe. Fans were so outraged at the news that Shin Se Kyung had 4 separate sites dedicated to hating her the next day.

It was reported that when Goo Hara was going through some tough times, Jun Hyung consoled her. Guys will always prefer outgoing and cheerful girls like Hara to bitter, insecure bitches like you!

Honestly, Hyun Seung was very surprised when Jun Hyung told him about his feeling for him cause he was in romantic stuff with Hara. It will be the end of the world if we are vice presidential debate headlines for dating. After a long time since their leaving, Jun Hyung started to gain back his consciousness and went back home.

But you are straight, are you? Seungie sadly told Jun Hyung he was really sorry, now he was deeply in love with HyunA, with her, he could be himself for the first time in his life. From one idol to another, there are a lot of the same pressures and problems, so its understandable for her to confide in another idol.

He was so bored and Hong Ki was too busy to accompany him for a drink, so he decided to visit their company with hope that Seungie would be goo hara dating jun hyung and hyuna. What does everyone think?

I am really sorry!

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In the beginning, was that love? If you're trying to accuse of being one of those kinds of fans, well first of all, I'm barely a fan. When Jun Hyung first saw that boy crying alone in his room for not be loved by anyone, a enormous feeling invaded his soul and body.

In fact, Hyun Seung was not a weak guy, he had a very strong will toward his dream, everybody saw it.

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She loved his boy. On their way back home, little Seungie leant on his shoulder to sleep quietly, he was so delicate to stand alone. They were playful, happy to the max and that girl, she definitely got something in her eyes. It was reported that they were holding hands openly and that when in the car, Goo Hara even rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

Or is it just how your parents raised you?

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Hyne, Jun Hyung love those beautiful eyes of him, so innocent; but somewhere in between, those eyes became calm, strong and full of protection when Hyun Seung went out with HyunA, his partner.

Second of all, I don't care who they date but Hara is a flirt. Who are you to judge the dignity of another woman? If no one had known, the two could have ended things quietly.

What if she's hiding her sadness inside?

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Was there any chance they were together because Hyun Seung needed someone by his side, someone truly cared for him?

Yes, it was from his side but the other side, he was not sure anymore. He still remember the sweet moment they shared when Hyung Seung was sick but he still appeared for the fansign. All the things he loved to do is practice, pratice and practice again then he let Jun Hyung into his life.

Jun Hyung once asked: He probably has a better girlfriend now anyways.

KARA's Goo Hara and B2ST's Jun Hyung are dating!

Jun Hyung really hated it every time they fought. I'm glad you have no problems with the fact that oppas wont notice you, because not only the famous ones but also all ordinary guys and girls out there cant stand such judgemental pretentious asshole like you!

A loving couple was kissing like no tomorrow behind the big shelve in changing room around after While he was sitting soullessly in his sofa, Seungie maybe was having sex with his girl, no other than Kim HyunA.

Once Jun Hyung saw they practiced new routine, Seungie touched that girl so naturally and she seemed to enjoy it, they even laughed a lot more than when they were with their bands. Hyun Seung deserved it, he knew surely. It was almost Without consciousness, Jun Hyung rushed to him, held that trembling body and said he would protect the boy forever.

Why is it that the people who bully women the most are women themselves? So how was this new couple born? Jun Hyung accused that if Hyun Seung had no feeling for the girl, he would not have reacted that way.

If a man is a flirt nobody makes a fuss but if a girl is one everybody suddenly flip their pancakes and go hating on her. His unconscious mind shouted that Hyun Seung was usually a frigid boy, but his conscious mind opposed it.

Yong junhyung goo hara dating

Seungie was so sad, so so so very sad but he seemed there was no regret at all. Jun Hyun tried to ignore Seungie too, tried to not care about him, tried to show Seungie that he was okay now and he would forget Seungie soon, very soon. Is there any proofs you can give me to clarify your argument that Hara cheated on JunHyung ang broke his heart?

When he intentionally met her in the hallway, asked her random questions about her promotion with Hyun Seung, he noticed her strange behaviors. Jun Hyung thought and thought and thought that if Hyun Seung came back and leant back in his protecting arms, he would forgive Seungie most of his trespasses against him, he would forget his own fiery anger.

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Fortunately, the steam died down and they were left alone, only to find out that they broke up recently due to different schedules. Hyun Seung withdrew into his own world, tried to figure things out alone, why he just let somebody help him, was it much better?


As we can see the couple didn't attempt to hide their identities as they walked openly without the usual baseball cap and sunglasses. Seungie seemed so happy with his new relationship.

A bold move on the young couples part, since fans have been known to take news of idols dating quite harsh in the past. The two were spotted on a casual date, quite easily actually as Goo Hara and Jun Hyung weren't being very secretive. Oppas dont give a fuck about you. Just down right pathetic.

This made Jun Hyung kept asking himself until today, why? That was the second night Hyun Seung was not at the dorm. Who are you to judge the feelings of others?