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An academic building is required for extension of classrooms. He chose to settle with his family and relatives in Bihar Sharif.

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After years, the structure stands as if it were built in recent days. You will be happy to know that our Gulshan has been registered under Government.

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The tomb is said to have built by Syed Daud Mallick, The eldest of the seven sons of the saint, who is also sanggul beracun online dating inside the tomb. He was born and raised in Ghazni.

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Assassination When the fighting finally stopped, Syed Ibrahim Mallick established law and order in the region. We have very low admission and fee charges. Of course to propogate Maslak-E-Aala Hadhrat is our mission.

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The descendants of the eight children of Syed Ibrahim Mallick Baya multiplied over years and constituted a significant portion of the Muslim community in Bihar. The tombs of other family members and companions of Syed Ibrahim Mallick Baya are lying on the east, west and south sides of the mausoleum.

Gulshan aims at preparing such students who will be able to preach the true virsion of Islam,lead the daughters of Islam and to prepare them to hazrat fatima tuz zohra dating active part in serving Ummah,Nation and family as well.

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Due to the high respect and reverence given to the tomb of Syed Ibrahim Mallick Baya for generations, no one is buried on the north side of the dome. We put main intension towards sound sunni believes.

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A distinguished army general of 14th century. After a fierce battle, the Raja was killed and his army was defeated. Besides Syed Ibrahim Mallick, Ibn Batuta, the famous traveler and pioneer explorer, and other people like him came from all over the world to serve the Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

His ancestors had migrated to the region from Baghdad to escape from persecution at the hands of the Abbasids. Gulshan has its own library procuring students with prescribed text book.

Syed and Mallick fighting onteli malik family is used surname title "Mallicks" in Bihar. After peace prevailed, one night Syed Ibrahim Mallick Baya left the fort, when a group of enemy soldiers, hiding in the darkness outside the fort, perpetrated a sneak attack on this general from behind and killed him.


Our aim is to be an Arabic University with the ideal features. The Sultan bestowed this great honor upon him. Our primacy is given to quality rather than quantity. Syed Ibrahim's ancestors were native of Baghdad who migrated to Afghanistan and settled in the district of Budt Nagar, which was located in Ghazni.

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During his reign, he fought his last pitched battles with Raja Hans Kumar and conquer Rohtasgarh Fort. Syed Ibrahim Mallick received his education and military training in Ghazni and then he came to Delhi to serve under the tutelage of Sultan Mohammad bin Tughlaq, who was famous for his magnificent patronage of intellectuals, scholars, and talented military generals of his time.

Gulshan has appointed qualified and experienced teachers so that they may be able to do their duties sincerly in batter way. He was a descendent of Hazrat Ali Karrama'llah Wajhahu and when the Abbasyds persecuted his ancestors, they moved to Ghazni. Syed Ibrahim Mallick was a distinguished and valiant military general, and an eminent Sufi saint as well.

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His body was brought to Bihar Sharif for burial, where he had lived nearly his entire life with his family, relatives, and kinsmen. The mausoleum is an extraordinary structure of a rare quality of bricks, which have withstood the ravages of time and the unrelenting devastation of weather for the last years.

It is recorded that the Sultan was so jubilant by this victory, that in his court he himself came down to receive and greet Syed Ibrahim Mallick. We invite students of each age group.

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School and collage students,home makers and old ladies as well. We have three batches, morning day and evening. It has been translated into Hindi by journalist and poet Muslim Saleem.

Gulshan is started in a small building. The classes start from Shawwal after the admission procedure. These books are issued to the students for their extra-ordinary knowledge. The Sultan received numerous complaints against the Raja Bithal, the Governor Subedar of Biharwho was not only a tyrant but also a rebel against the Sultan of Delhi.