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Colloquially this flight of steps is known as the "Heath Staircase" Heidentreppealthough in earlier times the name "Witch's Staircase" Hexentreppe had been common.

On the topmost summit level of the crag there is a triangular offering cup Opferschale or Zwergenmolle. It was replaced in by a wooden tower, also used for trigonometric measurements, that stood until Inanother, larger rampart hexenaltar harzflirt found on the western edge of the summit plateau.

Wurmbergklippen[ edit ] On the southern flank of the Wurmberg there are two striking tors or Wurmbergklippen, which are one of the many Harzklippen: The runs are graded from easy to difficult. When he collected his tales of the Upper Harz in from the inhabitants of Braunlage, they reported that a pagan temple had stood on the site.


Once a bookmen dies and their minds are processed and written down, said book falls to the ground in order to be picked and analized by the Head in order to separate their informaton.

Since the s there has been a restaurant next to this tower. In the round Hexenaltar the foundations of the old trig post were found. In addition to the Wurmberg Gondola Lift there are hexenaltar harzflirt drag liftswhich together have a capacity of 1, passengers per hours. Geschwinde's team felt it probable that it was originally a severely eroded, natural, geological formation that had later been artificially reworked.

It is still open as a restaurant today and is a popular destination for visitors to Braunlage. When a Bookmen dies, a magical seal in their brains processes all forms of knowledge into ink, and back at the Flying Library, a book under their name and magic will start jason sytycd dating down all forms of knowledge and equations they have gathered over their years, not to mention their own history and familiar roots.

Downhill skiing[ edit ] There are six downhill ski runs on the Wurmberg with a total length of 12 kilometres.

Wurmberg (Harz)

Rough and dressed stone of Wurmberg granite was loaded onto trains here. From these tales the legend of the pagan temple emerged after a few decades.

The results of this research largely showed the claims to be wildly exaggerated. The square formation proved to be the foundation of a stone hut built between andwhich master forester Daubert had built.

Only the age of the stone terraces could not be clarified beyond doubt. Moreover, south of the path, the foundation of a small circular building was found. The vast land has at its heart the main Library, where an immense number of books are archive and protected by the Head, all of them left blank with a single dry quill for each next to them linked to a Bookmen's brain and life.

Forester Daubert and his daughter were known for their 'feasts' on the mountain, and the superstition of Braunlage townsfolk appears to have assumed there were pagan rites behind them.

Later an aerial cableway was built on this embankment. Unscientific speculation quickly claimed that the stone structures were a Celtic place of worship. The embankment on which the tracks of this incline were laid is still clearly visible today along its entire length.

Although the notion that there was once a prehistoric religious site on the mountain can be excluded with certainty, in the Wurmberg plateau was declared an archaeological conservation area on account of the human traces of activity in the Upper Harz in the Early Modern Era.

And on one of the stones of the Hexentreppe, an English button from the period around was found, which finally proved the staircase to be another work by Daubert. In the wooden ski jump was built with its 28 metre high starting tower, which also acted as an observation tower see below.

From there was a ballast works at the goods station known as the Knacker. It is unknown if anyone but the head inhabited the Flying Library. During the Cold War there was a listening post on the summit plateau. Geography[ edit ] The Wurmberg lies north of Braunlagein the district of Goslarand west of Schierke.

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Members are also allowed to engage in battle in order to see if the kind of magic they're working on is worth it of their time, although they rather not, with the exception of the Campbell. The name of the Organization is a reference to one of the two rock formations at the Summit in Brocken, the highest peak at the Harz mountain and said to be home of Witches and demons, such as seen in the tale Faust.

Between and Walter Nowothnig — carried out several archaeological digs on the Wurmberg. Wurmberg granite quarry[ edit ] The stone quarry on the Wurmberg was established by Herrmann Bachstein as part of the construction of the South Harz Railway around The foundations for its pylons may still be seen in the woods today.

Historic stone structures[ edit ] The peak of the Wurmberg is covered with a variety of odd stone structures that, for a long time, were interpreted as the remnants of an ancient, pre-Christian place of worshipseveral millennia old.

This used to be a simple farm building before the opening of the toboggan run Rodelbahn at the beginning of Nowothnig found no clues as to the age of the site, which is why it was referred to henceforth as a prehistoric site of worship of unknown period.

Stone was transported down this in hoppers attached by a cable. In the 19th century the mountain was still being called Wormsberg or Wormberg, but a convincing derivation of the name has yet to be found.

The 1, metre long toboggan run begins immediately next to the Rodelhaus and runs down into the valley ending at the Verlobungswiese meadow near the valley station of the Wurmberg cable car.

Around the first trig post was erected on the summit of the Wurmberg to assist in surveying the Harz mountains. In a container on the summit is one of the 25 monitoring sites in the Lower Saxony air quality monitoring network de: Bookmen are known to lend their children by the age around in order to become one of them, it is even Hinted that Magicians adopt lost orphans in order to higher the number of Bookmen in the world.

The circular site first appeared during the construction of this tower as an abutment for the diagonal posts that supported the tower on all sides.

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The Wurmberg loading station was initially linked to the lower bed of the quarry higher up the mountain by means of an inclined railway. The square building inside the rampart was quickly made out to be a temple, the path seen as a procession route, the stone terraces as a religious theatre and the ruins of the small circular building were referred to as the Hexenaltar "witch's altar".

As for now, the reason for such is unknown. In the s the stone quarry was closed. The high stone wall in the lower part of the quarry now a bird reserve is still visible.

The construction of this lift was carried out in two sections; in the lift was then completely renovated. Even the large rampart is probably an enclosure laid out by the same forester.

From to further archaeological investigations on the Wurmberg were carried out under the leadership of Michael Geschwinde and Martin Oppermann. A long, straight staircase of unhewn stone begins at a height of about 90 metres above the iron ore mining district on the eastern flank of the mountain and leads to the edge of the summit plateau in a terraced area with edging of similarly unhewn stones.