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A Very Hard Landing In order to recover from this painful experience, you also may need to come to terms with the manner in which you were rejected. Which brings me to my final point: He asked me to marry him prior to that several times and I said yes each time and meant it.

From Dr. Jekyll To Mr. Hyde

The last time I remember speaking to the ex-wife in my life at a child-related event was Taking a video of the ex-wife in public does not make you look crazy if you practice the Art of Silence.

She has a serious mental illness, one that creates a situation where behavior is always a means to an end. My Mood Originally Posted by clairelouise Hi. This is the ultimate emotional blackmail, which might be used to influence your behavior--but resist feeling flattered, or frightened for her.

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From my perspective, I had the distinct feeling of being "pushed and pulled" within the relationship. The Waif may also use physical nioaque online dating as excuses to leave you hanging out to dry--and there you sit, with your dick in your hand.

My friend immediately joined the Army only to have so much pain, anger, and heart ache while there, prior, and afterwards.

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Fifteenth, Borderlines do not "get better" with age! Her diabolical maneuvers are designed to make you feel insecure and unworthy, view her as more valuable than she sees herself, and manipulate your desire and emotions.

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Do not take out your anger and frustration on the children. The quicker you end all contact, the better. Everything you've grown up believing that you should want in a female, has come into question during the time it has taken you to survive and recover from, this emotionally wrenching affair.

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In the rare event an attachment is successfully formed, rejection by your lover can set in motion an internal re-enactment of childhood abandonment struggles, and drudge up excruciating feelings of inadequacy and shame, which are almost impossible to endure!

Rereference my mid-life paragraph above. Every man's ego takes a jab when a woman leaves--but a Borderline leaves you feeling guilty, ashamed, castrated, unlovable, emasculated, worthless, etc.

Is my husband a high functioning borderline?

First, it's a distancing technique that keeps you on edge--meaning, uneasy and off-kilter the better to control you with, my dear. Tenth, Borderlines don't change, because they don't have to! How old is she? I'm a psych grad student right now. So how can a woman engage in the same behavior patterns and not have borderline personality disorder?

My gut said to intervene with my brother and I listened to everyone else and not my gut and regretted it.

25 BPD Characteristics of the Borderline Waif

There is no sense of fairness in a romantic relationship or good friendship with one. Recently she spent almost an entire weekend sobbing and screaming at me on the phone because she got called on the carpet for not taking attendance in class.

I have been told that I'm a high functioning borderline and it can be both a blessing and a curse. Such is the extent of their insecurity, distorted thinking and abandonment terror. In this group of people, I have found no mention of high- or low-functioning BPs.

The problem is that borderlines have difficulty interacting with others, and that can create a myriad of problems.

Part 1: When Your Dream Relationship Turns Into Your Worst Nightmare

There are folks who can function at a "higher level" in terms of working, perhaps. It's what they're most afraid of and it fuels why they behave the way they do.

In truth, most men are utterly shocked when they finally discover who their ex has deserted them for. Think of one of her good qualities and dote on it.

I want people to know and help me and yet I mask it so well, they don't know how I feel most of the time.