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How to hook up 2.4 tft lcd shield to uno, your answer

It seems my shield came with ILI controller although there is written ILI on the board I didn't disassemble it, but I assume it according to the shield behaviour.

Here I would like to say thanks to him for the incredible work he has done.

Touch Screen TFT Shield for Arduino Uno

The same procedure goes for the two other buttons. However, the getDistance custom function needs to be called repeatedly in order to print the latest results of the distance measured by the sensor. Announcements about news from projects I am working on. All of the changes should be harmless to older HW.

The rest of the code in this custom function is for drawing the sliders.

Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Tutorial

Unfortunately it is not written on the kit, but it's possible to locate the connections visually and with the multimeter. I would appreciate your support in this way! Then we will set the color back to white and using the drawRoundRect function we will draw another rounded rectangle on top of the previous one, but this one will be without a fill so the overall appearance of the button looks like it has a frame.

It quickly turned out that the chip needs a bit longer delay for reset to start responding.

Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Tutorial

Back in the loop section we only have the back button which also turns off the LED when pressed. So the values of the X coordinate of each slider are from 38 to pixels and we need to map these values into values from 0 to which will be used as 1 month dating texts PWM signal for lighting up the LED.

If we press the second button, the drawLedControl custom function will be called only once for drawing the graphic of that example and the setLedColor custom function will be repeatedly called. So I dug a bit deep into this problem.

2 4 inch tft lcd shield for arduino uno

I pull requested the changes to Adafruitthere is the direct link to the related commit. If you need more details how the ultrasonic sensor works you can check my particular tutorial for that.

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Maybe my chip revision is newer than my datasheet or maybe this is some HW glitch but this again validated the basic rule known to embedded developers: I did some other minor improvements and bug fixes to the code.

I also improved chip select CS handling in the code which allows sharing of the data ports with other peripherals.

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The only thing that you need to setup is which pins the touchscreen is connected to. Even the initialization of the extended registers should work on chips without extended registers, because according to the datasheet, such initialization should be handled as NOP commands.

Arduino Touch Screen Calculator Project with Code

But it still didn't display anything, there was only the whitescreen. In the setup section we need to initiate the screen and the touch, define the pin modes for the connected sensor, the led and the button, and initially call the drawHomeSreen custom function, which will draw the home screen of the program.

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Back in the loop section we can see what happens when we press the select unit buttons as well as the back button. Next is the distance sensor button. In this function we use the touch screen to set the values of the 3 sliders from 0 to According to the datasheet this is 'reserved' value and after the reset the content of this register should be set to 0x20 which means 2xVCI.

Next we will set the color to red and draw the red line below the text.

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This function will draw the graphics of the first example. The parameters of these objects depends on the model of the TFT Screen and Shield and these details can be also found in the documentation of the libraries.

On top of the button we will print the text using the big font and the same background color as the fill of the button.

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For my shield it seems that additional 5 milliseconds are enough. Regarding the touchscreen it's classic 4 wire resistive digitizer which can be handled by e. Then it correctly identified itself as ILI The wiring of my shield is following: Source Code As the code is a bit longer and for better understanding I will post the source code of the program in sections with description for each section.

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Next we need to define the fonts that are coming with the libraries and also define some variables needed for the program. I read both ILI and ILI datasheets and found out that my chip has extended registers which are not handled by the original code. We will use the GND pin, the digital pins from 8 to 13, as well as the pin number