Htc Desire Review Htc Desire Review

Htc desire 610 unboxing and review uk dating. Htc desire unboxing and review (shot in 4k with the gs5 lte-a) - video dailymotion

The screen is too small to see individual pixels you fool.

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They only ran into issues when playing intensive games or when multi-tasking. The glossy plastic back is prone to fingerprints and light scratches, and makes the device quite slippery, but the matte finish along the sides does help a little bit with grip.

At time of writing, we were unable to test out the Zoe feature as launching the app resulted in a 'Coming Soon' screen. Below is a full size crop of the photograph. It's a bit like Apple's AirPlay system.

HTC Desire 610 Unboxing And Review (Shot In 4K With The GS5 LTE-A)

Click the images to enlarge. Battery times talk time, standby time and more are subject to network and phone usage. There's only 4 selections, Can i choose my own? Colours looked washed out, and low light photography is practically out of the question.

HTC does offer a power saving mode and an extreme power saving mode if you're running really low on juice.

Specs Overview

Under the hood is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, clocked at 1. CNET states, "Although the Desire is affordable, its uninspiring specs mean it's still not cheap enough. Experts suggest budding phoneographers look elsewhere for a decent camera.

The biggest downfall of the HTC Desire 's design is the bezels.

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Despite its size, socratis otto dating were surprised at how comfortable it was to hold and use for extended amounts of time. Aside from that, though, we rather like the design of the HTC Braces bracket loose yahoo dating You'll also get HTC Sync Manager, particularly helpful for anyone switching from an iPhone or other Android phone, and also a quick and easy way to get files including music and photos on and off of the Desire That's lower than the scored by its HTC One M8 sibling in the Geekbench test and the scored by the Nexus 5, but it's similar to the scores achieved by the Moto G and Sony Xperia Z2, though, which both sport the same Qualcomm processor.

It doesn't feel overly fat. It averaged ms in the SunSpider browser test, though that's much slower than the Nexus 5's ms and in the multi-core Geekbench 3 test.

The newer desire phones are better.

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I was able to get through a full day of usage without much difficulty, while using the phone for texting, browsing the web, checking social networks, and playing a few games here and there.

I have tried sliding, holding down, etc.

The HTC Desire features a 4. Still, you'll find launching apps on the HTC Desire smooth and quick, and shouldn't notice any lag while you're navigating through the device or using it to run apps.

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Detail and sharpness isn't great but unless you plan on zooming right in to your photograph or blowing it up to hang as a canvas on your wall you should be satisfied with the quality.

It's not surprising to see a lack of additional features like an IR blaster which you'll find on HTC's pricier phones. Here's our full HTC Desire review. The htc desire is cool, I dont really like the texting built-in app,but its ok i just installed a new one.

HTC Desire review: Although it only has a 4.

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HTC's Zoe app offers an expanded version of those video slideshows, enabling you to create customised ones to share with friends. Does it need a micro SIM card or normal? When you want to take a look back over photographs you've taken using the HTC Desireyou'll find a gimmicky but fun video slideshow of your photographs playing at the top of the screen in the gallery app — part of the HTC Sense software which we talk more about below.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that crap.

Htc Desire Unboxing And Review

Also many apps crash on that phone bc it's only on Android KitKat. The phone has a 4.

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There's no mistaking that the Desire is marketed to the budget crowd. I have to find a very shady area to see the screen when I am outside. I want to buy this phone and unlock it, Do you think it will work with my tmobile 4g lte prepaid plan?

The 37 best smartphones of HTC Desire review: Danny, I agree about the viewing screen. The front and sides offer a matte plastic, which Trusted Reviews states, "…prevent[s] the HTC Desire from slipping through your fingers…[and] gives the phone a stylish charm.

We really enjoyed our time with the HTC Desire and don't have any real qualms aside from the large bezels and slightly disappointing display. The HTC Sense software is sleek and easy to use and you'll be satisfied with the battery life.

That's higher than the Sony Xperia M2's ppi, but much lower than the excellent ppi of the Nexus 5 and even the Motorola Moto G's ppi, despite the higher price tag.

Similar models on sale

We like the phone, but when you come to compare it with close rivals, it becomes more difficult to give it a hearty recommendation. When it comes to the battery life, the Desire comes with a 2, mAh battery, which seems quite small, but performed admirably. You probably look dumb as freak.

The HTC Desire is not quite as light as the Nexus 5, which is g, but at g it's similar to the weight of the Sony Xperia M2 and the Motorola Moto G, and we found it perfectly light enough for prolonged periods of use. Despite its accessible price, many reviewers have a hard time recommending the HTC Desire You can see a selection of photos we captured using the HTC Desire below.

I got it today for dollars so happy Jerry Welch: Most of this additional size is due to the large bezels surrounding the display and the inclusion of speakers above and below it.

HTC Desire Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Camera We enjoyed using the camera on the HTC Desire and were pleased with the results we were able to achieve. Give this phone a chance it's great: Every phone looks dumb as freak, I mean, look at you.

The picture quality, however, is pretty unimpressive. While the display provided accurate colors, reviewers noticed significant fuzziness in text and icons, more viewing angles and mediocre brightness.

HTC Desire 610 Unboxing and Hardware Tour

No, you can't see the pixellation. Battery life HTC says that the mAh non-removable battery will last up to During our benchmark tests, the HTC Desire faired reasonably well. Nonetheless the display will satisfy anyone looking to use the smartphone for browsing the web, emailing, making phone calls and sending texts, and running useful apps and casual games.

So quit bagging on it. It's capable of capturing p video, too.

HTC Desire Review

Like the colors, I want to pick my own colors. This is has slowly begun to change, with an HTC Desire smartphone finally making its way to a US network carrier, at a more than reasonable price point, with or without a contract.

All the buttons and ports are found at their typical positions for an HTC phone, with the power button and headphone jack up top, the microUSB port at the bottom, the volume rocker on the right, and the SIM tray and microSD card slot on the left side.