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Hunterview flirtatious perfume, flir┬Ěta┬Ětious

I actually like this very much.


Xm radio free trial online dating the berries are subtle as well.

All around it's a fun and definitely flirty fragrance Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. Advertisement People who like this also like Advertisement. It's a fun, sweet fruity fragrance.

And what girl doesn't like that? Feb Add Your Review Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Flirt! Nov jnet77 I don't detect vanilla on me when I wear this.

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Mar sharyssa There are no big bottles,1. If you are longing for designer fragrances, Perfume Master is here to help. I just love it! But I think it's subtle and nice enough for any age for sure.


Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Flirtatious by Flirt!. Great teen scent and perfect for casual wear.

But yeah, the scent does get boring. Perfumes are much more than scents.

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So it's not icky sweet with the vanilla. Almost every celebrity and fashion designer has a perfume brand. What a great option! It is a brand from kohl's I want to try this and the new flower one they have out.

It is such a nice blend of berry juiciness, and vanilla. It has absolutely zero lasting power, even on clothing there is no sillage beyond the overpowering blast it begins with.

Having said that, I really enjoy wearing this. I haven't worn it out on dates yet wink ; So nothing to report on men's reaction to this one.

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Select from a complete range of designer fragrances, whether you prefer a gourmand fragrance or spicy perfumes.

In search of a new perfume or want a fragrance that can change the way you feel Perfume Master is the place for you. May c3c I do like this, but I returned my bottle. Some of these brands are considered as top perfumes for men and women. This reminds me a lot of its sister, Flowerrific in it's simplicity.

I just carry it around in my purse and after my break at work, or anytime I am out and about, I can spritz it and freshen up. It is light enough you can spray a few spritz of it all over you and you won't kill everyone with a toxic cloud. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss.

Flirtatious fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. The berries give it a zesty zingy pep as the vanilla holds it all together.

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I wish the bottle was more classy, I would hate to have to hide it somewhere in a closet or something, because I am too embarrassed to have it standing on my dresser: Perfume vary from oceanic to oriental to floral to citrus to many more varieties.

It isn't something that I feel is going to be offensive to anyone. I'm a lover of honeysuckle, so this scent is a natural for me.

You feel girly and sweet. It is definitely seems to be a teen fragrance at first but it does have a big adult flair. Buying perfumes online is an art and here with all the details regarding perfumes we can make it very simple and ensure that you buy a great perfume in just a few clicks.

Apr NatWeb Sugary vanilla fruity floral. This is a very juicy one! User reviews of Flirtatious by Flirt! Apr Aspendina i do think this smells like something else I have or have had, I don't get alot of vanilla from it nor do i think i smell honeysuckle not sure what i am smelling really but it is strong and last long I keep getting a whiff of it, i do think its growing on me: Just light sweet and fun.

You feel good and happy in your own skin. The selection discovered olfactory sensations pulling creativity from My one criticsim is its weak lasting power. Just comfee and you feel like yourself. But It's just very feminine flirty and fun.

FLIRT! Flirtatious! Perfume Spray

Just enough to feel sweet and yummy The summer season dubs Dec brookamimi I wore this in high school and loved it. The berries are missing from the note pyramid, which is odd because the berries are the strongest note. I know I will be hunting for a big bottle as soon as I am done with this review.

Doesn't last long but it's pleasant while it does.