How old is James Anderson (actor)? Age, Birthday, Facts How old is James Anderson (actor)? Age, Birthday, Facts

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James Anderson (movie character)

He boasts many talents, from gardening to cooking, as well as fighting as seen when he defeats Malix if chosen by the player in SM1. James can be described as perhaps the most well-mannered of the brothers, again due to his preparation as demon king in the demon world. He was be afraid of angering his father, remaining closed off and docile to him, whilst restraining himself around his brothers when having fun.

There, Mika's grandfather assisted the incubi with settling in to their new lives until his death. Knowing James' reluctance and desire for a life of more freedom and time, his brothers began making contact with the human world.

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Prior to life in the human world, James was very much under his father's rule and expectations. Seduce Me the Otome. With the help of Mika's grandfather, the brothers as well as James, gained access to the human world.

All he desired was to spend more time with his brothers and more freedom to choose to do as he wished.

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He would often get upset at the expectations pinned on him and the lack of time he had to spend with his brothers. Edit James has short black hair and eyes that are frequently referred to as "amber" or "whiskey" colored.

He respects his brothers and Mika, understanding if they require space and privacy, and is perhaps one of, if not the most logical and calm in stressful situations or emergencies.

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He stands 6'0 tall. The Demon King agreed to a marriage for strategic advantage between James and Diana, a hugely powerful succubus who has the power to stop whole armies single handedly.

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A former demon Prince, he was next in line to the Demon throne until his arrival and continued stay in the human world SM1. Heir to the Demon throne and the next in line, James underwent vigorous training and studying everyday, away and separated from his much loved brothers.

He wears black slacks and dress shoes. He'd rather use his wealth of knowledge and the power of words than resort to violence, but it's also important to note that he is not afraid to turn to violence if need be.

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Personality Edit As the eldest brother, James is the most level-headed and responsible of his brothers; he acts as their leader and, at times, even nags them like a mother would.

In the second game the blazer is switched for a simple gray pullover sweater.

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Gentlemanly, he values knowledge, etiquette, and a certain degree of grace and elegance as demonstrated by his use of formal language at times, precise articulation and pronunciation, and a somewhat authoritarian tone. History James was a demon prince betrothed to Diana before he left to the human world.

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This is due to the fact that, being the eldest, he was the next in line to be the demon king, of whom had James undergo and endure heavy training and studies as preparation for his role. His brothers and himself however, knew that James' wishes would not be met in the demon world, thus they began their journey to the human world, where James, although stressed from the occurance of Malix, has the freedom and time he desired.