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This nymphet role is combined with stoic "Russian" dialog that sound like it's right out of a grade school play.

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So he reworked the plot of Ninotchka and adapted it to the wild blue yonder. One of the players, Richard Rober, in fact was killed in an automobile crash in Maybe not for the Duke, you know he has blz 35031 hookups trick up his sleeve, but Janet Leigh??

She is a wild card and you never know till the end who will win out.

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And, combined with the terrible dialog and dopey plot is the absolute worst performance of Janet Leigh's life! I became a fighter pilot because of the F though I was too old to fly one She plays a Russian Airforce pilot with less conviction than perhaps any actress could have approached the role.

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By the way at the time this was being filmed, Howard Hughes was panting after Janet Leigh the same way he'd earlier panted after Ava Gardner. Unlike John Wayne's more famous movie turkey, The Conquerer, this film is so bad that it is lots of fun to watch.

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As I was watching the film, it occurred to me that ol Duke must have enjoyed being a fighter pilot as he should because he played a pilot in at least 6 films I could think of off the top of my head. Well if sex and flying worked before, why not again. The only thing you can say about Jet Pilot is that the Russians were far in advance of us on feminist issues.

Chuck Yeager stunted for the film and broke a tail in a Sabre pressing the envelope.

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Great film of some wonderful machines, and such a treat to see them as well. It is incredibly poorly written even for an RKO picture and makes his earlier Republic Films look like masterpieces by comparison and a few actually were.

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Even for a propaganda film I doubt this one affirmed anyone's Americanism. As for Wayne, he pretty much plays himself. Overall, just a nice film, that was totally unlike any Wayne film I had ever seen.

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Hughes filmed some really great aviation footage and then worked to build a story around it, one with some sex. Remember that film was equally famous for the aviation shots as for the debut of Jean Harlow as sex symbol.

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You see, when you stick a red star on it, it becomes the spitting image of a MIG Our's and the Soviet's. After a while he's got the hots for her so bad, he marries her and they go back to the USSR to see what he can find out about their aircraft.

So he re-shot and re-shot the aviation sequences and then eventually lost interest. Air Force Colonel John Wayne interrogates Janet about the latest in Soviet technology, but then he gets other things on his mind. Does it sound pretty silly to you?

Not once does she even give the least hint of a Russian accent, though through the use of very thick sweaters she DOES appear to be the poster girl for Playboy Magazine.

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Not many Wayne films have escaped me, but this one had. Why then would you have the shapely Janet Leigh filling out a flight suit after allegedly going off course and landing in the USA?

The reason originally for the delay in release was that we were making great strides in aviation post World War II. And poor everyone else connected with Jet Pilot.

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Jet Pilot was released seven years after it was originally filmed and by then the planes really looked out of date. Still, if she had a convincing Russian accent and some leather this would have been the Duke's best effort! Normally, you know exactly how the plot will go, and that Good, Truth, and the American Way will prevail Remember this was released on top of The Conqueror and between them they put and end to Wayne's seven year reign as number one at the box office.