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It was an opportunity to focus on powering animation purely via CSS3 animation with JavaScript animation fall backs to browsers that did not support it.

Providing a more unified experience in a scattered browser world is difficult at the best of times!

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The piece has been used for many examples, and also inspired new pieces for strilka ukrainian dating customs clients. Partnering with The Marketing Society, and ably supported by Circle Research, Omobono researched what B2B marketers really do in digital and what they think works.

It is a framework to begin working on new ideas and concepts to introduce back into my every day work. This makes the site ideal for viewing on devices such as the iPad, and acts as an example of the fast performance these devices can achieve in-browser, outside of a native app.

The project received fantastic feedback both with our clients and the creative community, winning multiple site of the day awards; usually reserved for pieces that have had multiple people working on them rather than one individual from start to finish.

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In addition I am also currently responsible for constructing the mobile variant of the piece geared for smaller resolution devices.

I created all aspects of the website, from initial concept, design, and development; and have powered it using ExpressionEngine. The site is geared heavily towards tablet and mobile devices, implementing HTML5 technologies such as tilting mechanisms that respond to the way the screen is tilted in iOS devices.

This acts to reduce loading overheads, and to also make the application behave as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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The game received over 11, visits during the Christmas period, with high activity on social networks. Produced for Omobono as a project mostly in my spare time, Pudding Rush was aimed to engage with our clients across the globe, presenting possibilities of interesting methods of user interaction to bring back into live projects, but to also to share with the creative community.

My focus was on the centre-piece, retina imagery, hardware acceleration and tablet specific content. It was both designed and produced by myself in a very short timescale started beginning of November and ready to launch on 1st December, with the majority of the build out of hours.

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To complement this research I created the visual infographics to represent the results and also produced a complementary illustration to represent the digital landscape of today. If you already have access, please login here.

I created this site from top to bottom to take advantage of various techniques in modern browsers, including the ability to be totally hardware accelerated using native CSS transitions on iOS and Android. As well as desktop browsers that support them such as Chrome and Firefox.

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To celebrate the Christmas festivities, and as a chance to experiment outside of live projects; I decided to pursue the concept of a cooking-style game in which you are tasked with creating the British tradition of Christmas Pudding from start to finish.

I produced all aspects of the development and UX of the site from the ground up, with additional input into the overall design in elements such as the lightbox. I turned the people of Omobono into pixel characters and created a competition and the winners received a 3D printed model of their character.

It has also been structured to support older browsers by swapping out CSS powered transitions with math and JavaScript to achieve a level of consistency that many opt to forgo. The piece also fully supports high-density retina devices throughout by providing an option for those on high-density displays to load the game with 2x imagery.

If you would like access to see my full portfolio please contact me.

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After creating the 3D models to spec, I used the Shapeways service to create full colour sandstone versions of the models. For SEO purposes, all pages of the site exist in two forms; the HTML page output itself, and a JSON version which only contains the core content of the page to compile at run-time the page is able to switch dynamically as to the form of the content it serves.

Designed to work cross platform - be it desktop, tablet, or mobile - it is both a showcase and a place to work with different types of interactivity.

To give it a competitive edge, user's are timed in the process and offered to submit their time to a global leader board upon completing.

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I produced all aspects of the game, which even included the process of making a physical Christmas Pudding to be able to get the required shots of all the stages! Due to client NDA's, I'm not able to publicly display all of my work.

Important features within the build include: