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Dailymail confirmed a similar report from a source and reported its words as: She had a crush on her for years but now can act on it. And a lot of that came from a collaboration of effort between the writers, actors, and with the directors.

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It is not a big deal to see a man falling in love with a man and a woman falling in love with another woman. Watch Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood relationship: We hope she states everything soon. I think that ageism is going to hit women regardless of their sexual orientation.

But she has a very perfect image in her personal accounts.

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Well, typecasting is alive and well, and it is always a really fun thing to deal with, as you can imagine. What is it about that character that you love the most, and is there something you dislike about that character?

And to do that manually makes me really happy. We as lesbians have a history of being sexualized for the male gaze, and for the first time you were seeing a character — xem kenh vl1 online dating sexually empowered character — for the female gaze, you could say.

Kate Moennig on playing Shane, the legacy of The L Word

Before I ask this, I just want to say it is for good reason, and I know you spoke about this in Philadelphia when you received your Human Rights Campaign award.

I remember watching it myself, and you know you and I are the same age, and I was just kate moennig dating back then and delighted to see that there could be lesbians represented on a major TV network. And do you feel like that character, because she was so iconic, did it lead to any type of kate moennig dating in your career, and is typecasting something that you actively avoid?

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But, yeah, ageism unfortunately does exist, and some people are able to get around it better than others. There are mentions of you all the time.

Well, again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with AfterEllen. The character of Shane really broke the mold, too. Sure, sure, and honestly, I get it.

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I know you probably get asked about her in every interview, but AfterEllen has a big fan base for Shane, as you can imagine. Mostly, Katherine is remembered with her character in Shane McCutcheon within The L Word and in latest her work as Lena in ray Donovan is also the commendable work of her. A post shared by Kate Moennig kateomoennig on Jun 14, at 3: It happened in January I know that you knew the show would be a big deal, but did you ever work with the writers or play any part in developing that process, with the idea in mind of representing the way lesbians are portrayed?

And many younger girls still are finding it, even now. Thankfully, The L Word worked.

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Katherine has not dictated her affair, spouse, dating, children among the social media neither her bio has any elaborated information in regard to this. Moennig never talked about her relationship with former partner Rachelwood. So, who was her girlfriend?

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It is, yes, with all the killing off of gay and lesbian characters on television these days. A show made by female writers and show runners who were representing lesbians in a positive way.

Kate is called out with her nick name as Kate and her recognition as trademark is her husky voice and black hair along with this she is mostly portrayed within androgynous character by which she is very popular with. Katherine Moennig and Evan Rachelwood conversation Source: Though she is dictated not to be married but still there are rumors of her affair.

Some people say the mystery is what keeps it intriguing, but I think at a certain point that starts to get a little one-noted, and for me it begins to feel like a missed opportunity.

I love the research aspect. It was such a beautiful machine of creating something as authentic as we could. Katherine joined American Academy of Dramatic Arts in her early age of 18 as she was very studios in her education her interest was within acting and film from the early age of time.

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Her father was a school teacher who later got divorce due to the internal conflicts that rose among the couple. That never really bothered me as much as just knowing who this person is as a whole and what her history is.

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She is said to have dated Evan Rachelwood a few years ago. We could come in with ideas, and share our thoughts.

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Actress Katherine Moennig followed the same trend in the past but now she is in a relationship with fiance Zach Villa. I was wondering if you could share a little bit about how you got into that. Well, it seems like the actress is bisexual who is attracted to both man and woman.

And the longer you spend with these characters, the more you get to know them, and so I could eventually find those similarities. As far as any kind of flaw, I sadly find missed opportunities in terms of what they could do with Lena.

There were so many things that I never knew about, and she inspired so much enthusiasm. No reasons came out regarding their split. Kate Moennig has captivated us for years, and the actress and celesbian icon continues to intrigue audiences with her timeless appeal.

But her future plan never mentioned about her dancing career.

Evan Rachel Wood dating Katherine Moennig|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update

If I believe in something, I will certainly stick to my guns. Definitely, yes, I agree. And are you definitely returning to Ray Donovan as Lena for Season 5? I mean you really, truly have no control. Because actually, it is a bizarre thing to be so loyal to.

Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.