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Unreliable, Not durable, Poor support We owned this LG tv for about six months and when we watched an action movie it just quit working.

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About 6 months Pros: Some of my friends, who have LCD models with resolution, stated that my unit had better picture, than their ones. As with the other entry-level plasmas I tested, there's very little beyond picture specs to talk about. This tv model is not smart, so I decided to link it up to my computer, to solve this question.

This is a p television TV, which means a picture measuring just 1,x pixels. The PA also comes with a power-saving mode, but given how effective I found its power usage in its calibrated fashion, we don't recommend using it, especially since it caps light output.

Glare In some reviews I read about glare and slow refresh rate, and I have to agree with that.

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Wish there was more HDMI connection, it would be welcome. The TV, personalitate timidating most plasmas these days, features Hz subfield driving, which refers to the rate at which the TV sends the picture to the screen, and not actually related to Hz-type engines found on LCD TVs.

This pixel count is common for entry-level plasmas, and naturally the TV has an onboard scaler that processes any input up to p to the screen's native resolution. I have already mentioned about the picture quality.

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Amazing picture and decent price Fab. Great picture quality, Realistic colors, Price, Right screen size I bought this TV set about a month ago and I am absolutely happy with my choice! Great picture quality I bought a similar LG model about two years ago and I can't say anything bad about it!

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Blacks are black and in general the colors are bright, vivid and nice. The unit itself is well-designed, thin, but rather heavy.

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We tried to switch it on again, but it turns off immediately. Customer support is helpless, no answer at all. But for me it is not a problem at all.

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Picture quality The LG PA's greatest achievement in terms of picture quality is color saturation; it's able to get rich colors out of source material and provide plenty of punch.

Sometimes I can notice the lines of scenes that have already passed. In some reviews I noticed that users complained about glare, but it is plasma and moreover, my windows are not in front of a tv, so I can't say anything about this problem.

It is really amazing.

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Great picture quality, Good screen size, Price Cons: For instance, it doesn't have any connected features like Smart TV or apps, but it does offer movie, photo, and music playback via the USB port.

This entry-level set includes ISF presets and point grayscale adjustments -- a level of color calibration control no other TV at this level offers. Sometimes these controls don't always work as we expect, but in this case they did, and I give the company props for offering something the competitors don't.

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No Features If you're the type who flips straight to the Features section of the brochure, there's a very good chance this TV wasn't designed for you. This is an upgrade of my older LED with 37 inch diagonal.

First I read various reviews on different models, with a similar screen size, but this LG product, with its price and picture quality, turned out to be the winner in this race!

Amazing sound, Awesome picture Cons: The unit is just great and I am absolutely satisfied with my choice! Shadow detail is also a strength, providing a 3D-like depth to images.

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Nice, but didn't last for long. Picture is outstanding, especially taking into account the fact that this tv has p resolution. Sound is great and picture is amazing! Heavy This tv set is very good and I am satisfied with my buy.