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And apparently part of this arrangement involves Nikki watching? Jul 24, at 7: Teairra feels that since Richie Dollaz was the cause of their disagreement, with him out of the picture, they should be cool.

Shanda is a dumb ho for that.

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Diggs, an entrepreneur, defends her woman against haters, as does Slaughter herself. So, who is AD Diggs? So Ray has decided to make an honest woman out of princess and ask her to be his wife.

Things start off fast and furiously as we catch up with Moniece who is sporting one of the most god-awful hair pieces ever invented.

Moniece is pissed because Brandi called her a bad mom and Brandi is furious because Moniece sent a message on Instagram that she interpreted as an attack on her child.

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Slaughter is taking a swim in the lady pond, dating girlfriend AD Diggs, and some are very vocal about how they feel when it comes to the relationship. Slaughter wrote on Instagram: And, Slaughter says that girlfriend Diggs is lil fizz and moniece dating in bed than Rich Dollaz.

So now, Ray J has a conundrum: I adore my girlfriend, and she does it better than [Rich] ever did, so.

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It all goes down at this Mommy-mosa party that Nia Riley and Moniece decide to co-host. Slaughter gushed via Instagram, writing: I love a good throwback hairstyle, but your gumby cannot be thinning out like cotton candy at the top sir.

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So this was how she asked me. The funniest part is watching the reactions of the crowd.

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In an attempt to pull one over on the viewers, producers open the episode with Ray J and Princess at the alter. But Nikki has to act offended because what else are they paying her for?

Nikki smartly agrees and the two part ways. Because it requires thought. First, she breaks out a potted plant as a housewarming gift and then she breaks out the onesie. With this post, it appeared that Slaughter was solidifying her relationship with Diggs.

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While everything is lovey dovey today, if it all goes to hell in a handbasket tomorrow, Ray J must protect his assets. In the past, Slaughter has confirmed that she is bi-sexual, according to VH1. While Diggs is aware that the show is filled with fighting and craziness, she does hope to be a role model to viewers, stating: When Slaughter was recovering from a breast augmentation, she wrote about getting flowers from Diggs online.

My least favorite thing filming a reality show is the drama, I honestly like to stay clear of it.

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I was pouting because I want what I want when I want it. Or at the same time as I do. Which woman in his life will win in the end? And I love it because it was so thoughtful and so simple and this all I want.

Fizz tries to get Nikki to take the relationship seriously and give him the keys to her place, but Nikki smartly declines the offer. So Nikki invites Fizz to Marina del Rey where she does her best to pull a Karlie Redd and brings props to confront Fizz about living with Moniece and potentially having a baby with her.

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So the producers basically set it up so that the viewers think Shanda is the one who is going to be disloyal to her husband.

If Ray J insists on a prenup, there will be no wedding. I have a responsibility of being a role model on this show.

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