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It is equipped with PS3 media and iTunes server functionality. Then it instructs you to insert the accompanying disc into a Mac or Windows machine to set up. Besides, it also offers complete home data backup. No spam, we promise.

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You get fewer features than with many NAS devices, but if you're considering a two-bay NAS you're probably link station 420datingcom for something straightforward with no frills.

The guide details how to connect the NAS to your network and power it up. If you want RAID 1, which puts a copy of all your files on both disks better for keeping your files safe if one drive fails, but it does halve the storage you rachel khona askmen datingyou'll have to rebuild the array with new settings.

Here, you're not paying extra for features you might not need. SATA drives are mounted to plastic rails, making the drives easy to install and remove. If you want centralised storage and backup for PCs as well as Macsmedia streaming, print sharing and remote access but don't need RAID 5, multiple Ethernet and USB ports or the ability to connect IP cameras, the LinkStation looks like a good deal for a small office.

I used a Windows 7 laptop for testing. As you can see below, there aren't a lot of ports, lights or switches for the Linkstation Drives flirt text fails iphone be locked and each slot is appropriately labeled.

The device can also be used as part link station 420datingcom a backup solution, and it even supports Apple's Time Machine. The whole programs runs on LinkStation NAS system that offers a host of link station 420datingcom that include network file sharing, remote access, security to RAID management, and many other elements that will simplify your everyday data requirements.

This gives you wizards that walk you through basic management tasks and setting up WebAccess remote access so you can get at your files through any web browser or using the iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps on mobile devices. All you need to do is to connect your wireless router and access the stored data anywhere in your home.

Recommended For Good file performance Defaults to simple admin interface but advanced options are available Compact design USB sharing Against Few expansion ports Fiddly power switch and flimsy drive cages RAID 0 by default Cryptic flashing LED error codes If you're looking for a smaller network storage device, Buffalo's two-drive LinkStation offers a number of the features from the TeraStation range in a much smaller enclosure, and for a much smaller price.

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It's not three times faster though, unless you're comparing it to a very slow and elderly system. Both drives are accessed via a plastic removeable front door which simply snaps on.

It's hard to imagine anyone in a small business ever finding that useful. There are places where Buffalo's basic approach feels more like cutting corners though.

The Setup The LinkStation ships with a quick setup guide. You'll need to download the NovaStor software and then can back up data from five clients to the NAS.

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With easy to use WebAccess quality, you can develop a free personal cloud and enjoy easy remote access over the internet, and also on your portable devices when on the go. Disaster and hard drive failures happen unexpectedly; don't leave your important files and treasured memories in the hands of chance.

And you can avoid having to create user accounts and groups all over again on the LinkStation if you already have Active Directory and domain users; join the LinkStation to your AD and you can manage user access that way. For example, the default setting for the LinkStation is RAID 0, which gives you all the space on both drives but no redundancy.

Now you can relax and watch movies on your big screen TV while music is pumped outdoors by the pool. You can merge storage and back up your Mac and PC computers. Verdict The appeal of the LinkStation is that it's small, simple and speedy.

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With free WebAccess, you can make a personal cloud to easily access and share files with anyone and anywhere over the internet. The front has two small LEDs which represent power and device status.

Buffalo LinkStation allows for back up a lot of computer systems at a time and you will enjoy continuous access to terabytes of storage.

The full error message is displayed in the management interface, but oddly the LinkStation also blinks in a surreal version of Morse, with short and long pulses of lights to indicate the specific error code you can look up in the manual.

Back up multiple PCs and Mac computers simultaneously and enjoy uninterrupted access to terabytes of storage on your network and even over the Internet while away from home.

You are facilitated to make free personal cloud for access your documents and files anytime over the internet. Plus the tiny power switch on the back of the case next to the single USB 2.

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Buffalo's LinkStation is a high performance 2-drive network storage device that comes equipped with a whole host of features, perfect for storing, sharing, serving and protecting your most important data.

You can connect an external drive for extra storage or to back the LinkStation up to you can schedule regular backups or hook up a shared printer — but not both. This software locates the NAS on your network and configures it, creating drive mappings to the two default shares that are also created upon install.

Buffalo LinkStation 4TB version boasts of intuitive user interface and simple use setup wizard. So as I review the Linkstationwe'll see how it compares to what might be considered "standard" NASes. And while the case is study and it's easy to get the clip-on front off to swap out the drives, revealing two well-labelled drive cages, the handles on these flex alarmingly when you pull hard enough to remove them, you'll need a screwdriver to remove and secure the drives and there are no latches to snap the drive cages back into place.

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Buffalo LinkStation Review: The disc installs the NAS Navigator 2 software. There's also a toggle switch for turning the NAS on and off. If there is a problem, these blink red or amber to warn you. I received the 2 TB version, but the also comes in 4, 6 and 8 GB diskful configurations.

Like the TeraStation, Buffalo recommends downloading their software to manage the LinkStation but you can get to the web management interface in your browser as long as you know the IP address of the device. The high speed 1.

On the front is a door that snaps off to reveal dual drive bays. No asterisk was provided for clarification of what qualified as a standard NAS. Schedule backups for every computer in your house and easily protect all of your data, down to the very last byte. This buyers guide focuses on the red hot market of ruggedised mobile computing, covering laptops, 2-in-1 devices, smartphones as well as storage and software.

Store, access and share files from anywhere over your wireless network at speeds up to three times as fast as a standard NAS device.

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The setup process is quite simple, as should be expected in a NAS targeted to consumers and prosumers. Centralize your media files for simple sharing and streaming. And we are left to guess if performance means CPU processing, file access times or what.