Words Agency and Mandate are semantically related or have similar meaning Words Agency and Mandate are semantically related or have similar meaning

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Some websites claim "mandation" is another tctv online dating of involuntary servitude. There is no pending or, to the knowledge of Parent, threatened proceeding or investigation to which Parent or Merger Sub is subject before any Governmental Authority or Educational Agency regarding whether Parent or Merger Sub has violated in any material respect any applicable Laws.

In that case it is up to the states involved to come up with the money to do what the federal gov. Of course it wasn't always perfect, some consequences consisted of Being too weak.

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There is no Action at law or in equity before any Governmental Entity or Educational Agency pending or, insofar as the Buyer has any Knowledge, threatened, against the Buyer or affecting any of its properties or assets that would have an adverse effect on the Buyers performance under this Agreement and the other agreements contemplated hereby to which the Buyer is a party or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby.

The Mandate of Heaven was a political theory of ancient China inwhich those in power were given the right to rule from a divinesource. If they don't, if they just expect the states to do it on their own, that's an unfunded mandate.

Drinking age is defined by the states, but the Federal Governmet passed a law that they would severely cut highway funds to any state that didn't raise their drinking age to The German and Ottoman empires were broken-up and administered by the winners as a halfway-house to independence.

What is the mandate of heaven? You can get in big trouble if you don't.

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You are required by law to report abuse when you suspect it is being done to someone. What is mandate of heaven? It cannot be found in any dictionaries.

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I have had to do this with one of my friends and it was really hard but I had to do it. What is a federal mandate?

It usually is in the form of a new Federal Law.

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In some cases the Federal government doesn't have the authority to do something, so they will find a way to change something else. When the federal government wanted to raise the drinking age to 21 years old there was a state Michigan i think that refused.

What was the mandate of heaven? A requirement in federal legislation that forces states and municipalities to comply with certain rules.

The legal authority to take action. What were the mandates?

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A Federal mandate is a requirement set by the Federal government. A mandate is when the federal government forces that states to comply to something they want done. The winner usually states thatthe majority of people voted for that politician's ideas and plansand that they should therefore be implemented.

Palin said Obama was calling for a "mandation" on health care. Normally revocable until executed, a mandate is automaticallyterminated on the bankruptcy, incapacitation, removal from office,or death of the mandator.

A mandate is a way for the government to force state or local governments to comply with demands. If thegovernment has campaigned on a certain platform and then waselected, they have a mandate from the people to carry out thatplatform.

In the aftermath of WWI. Educational Agency Definition of Educational Agency Educational Agency means any entity or organization, whether governmental, government chartered, tribal, private, or quasi-private, that engages in granting or withholding Educational Approvals, administers Student Financial Assistance Programs to or for students of, or otherwise regulates schools or programs in accordance with standards relating to the performance, operation, financial condition, or academic standards of such schools and programs, including but not limited to the United States Department of Education, the Higher Learning Commission, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission, the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, the Florida Commission for Independent Education, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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A check, for example, is a mandate issued by a customer of abank, to pay it as instructed, from a customer's accountbalance.

What is an election mandate? Refer to link below The definition of mandate is a document giving an officialinstruction. Hundreds of federal mandates have been passed requiring state and local governments to take action in areas ranging from the way voters are registered, to ocean-dumping restrictions, to the education of disabled people.

A federal law or act compelling State to take certain actionssometimes without providing funding, such as No Child Left Behind-- that's called an un-funded mandate. A federal mandate is an order from the central government that all state and local government must comply with.

What is mandated reporting? What is federal mandate?

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And this was often shown by earthquakes and natural disasters. In use since When you are a person like a chaplain, police officer etc.

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According to themandate of heaven, only just rulers are appointed and when a rulerbecomes unjust, heaven supports revolts against them. If the federal government wants something to be accomplished in fields such as education they can issue a mandate saying that if the state doesn't do whatever it is that they want they will withhold funding for something that the state requires such as highway repairs.

DOE or any other Educational Agency whose authorization, consent or approval is required in connection with this Agreement or the other Transaction Documents and the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby to refuse to deliver such authorization, consent or approval.

In politics, it means theauthority the government has to do what it proposes to do.

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The mandate of heaven is an ancient Chinese belief that the emperorwas appointed by heaven to rule the people.

Usually they provide the state with financial support for those mandates, but in some cases such as with No Child Left Behind they issued an unfunded mandate.

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What is funded mandate? The problem is that it is unclear if "mandation" is even a word. Being a bad ruler. An agency that has jurisdiction over something What is a mandate? According to the OED, a mandation means something committed to memory as a sermon. If the federal government give the states money to help them do whatever they want them to do, that's a funded mandate.

Often when a person wins an election by a relatively wide margin,it is called an election mandate. A mandate is an order or command.