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He also claimed that, besides his feelings of loyalty to his mates, he felt his band was going to continue to get bigger.

Though this album was not as successful as some of those before it, it brought the band back together and they began touring again, with Marc once again the frontman. Meanwhile he returned to London and formed the band Eazy Money.

Marc Storace

It went straight to No. There is breathing space there and the songs live. Although most of the songs were pretty good. Most people mitos y leyendas cortas online dating their real name.

Marc Storace of Krokus Interview

Hoodoo — what is Hoodoo anyway? The following year,saw yet another release by BISS featuring Marc on the album X-Tension, and again he contributed to the songwriting.

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Mark storace dating also had some close encounters with the classical world and has worked with numerous other rock acts as both a writer and a singer. Actually it was during the tour, which was the longest Krokus tour of Europe to date — the Hellraiser tour with my loyal younger buddies.

One exciting long weekend session later, Marc, Chris, Tommy, Fern and Freddie were convinced that a collaboration was definitely worth a good try!

Change Of Address was very bluesy and there were some good songs there but we were told to lighten up and keep things more fresh and more polished and think Top Induring another break from Krokus commitments, Marc wrote and recorded with Los Angeles based metal rockers Warrior.


I was going to ask you, how long after you completed the touring behind the Mark storace dating album did you reunite with the Krokus guys again?

Let your followers know you're on Myspace with a Tweet. Go to your next store, buy it, hold it in your hands, listen to the CD, go read the booklet, appreciate the artwork — because we went to pains to make it look good and sound good. It contains a rare collection of soul influenced rock songs, and was released in by Eurostar Germany.

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We spent 8 years touring — blood sweat and tears and having big parties with you in coliseums, arenas and the like. Marc's second album with them - Aguilar - was released inbut this time it was sung by Marc alone bar one track that again featured Glenn Hughes.

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He did not take this as a compliment at the time, saying that, with all respect to Bon, he had his own singing identity. This unplugged trio, performing without drums, played rock 'n' roll classics around Switzerland but never released any albums, making them a "live-only" project.

To date, Marc has been the Krokus vocalist for twenty-six years, recording 12 albums and extensively touring Europe, the United States and Canada. In your opinion how does the new album measure up to some of the classic stuff? He has since also undertaken a solo project, duets and an acoustical project.

As you mentioned, the reviews for the new album have been pretty consistent in terms of people liking what they hear.

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Marc was the lead vocalist along with Glenn Hughesand together they performed rock songs with a light touch of classical music.

But you know how it is, once you make a mistake it takes a few years to put things right and by that time grunge had taken over. Musically, this album took the band back to After a very exciting weekend session both Marc and Krokus were pleased with the outcome and he was heartily initiated into the band.

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You hit the nail on the head. In the meantime Brian was replaced by Charly Preissel on 2nd guitar. But to get to the USA we need to ship all that freight and then there is airline tickets and even these days the permission we need from your government to come over. Since then they produced 2 more successful studio-albums: A long awaited comeback[ according to whom?

Since he began singing professionally in the s, his style and voice have remained largely the same, with a noticeable increase of character, through maturity and years of live and studio experience.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template messageso inKrokus released another studio album, To Rock or Not to Be. This adventure resulted in the one-off album The Wars of Gods and Men.

Because then those songs would really stand on their feet and they would sound like Krokus, but Change Of Address did not sound like Krokus at all.

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This was a great year for music in general and we were part of it. InTEA performed their last tour, taking Krokus on-the-road as supporting act.

So it made me free, and freed my spirit, that I was not hurting anybody and that I was actually doing the just thing because this is now the real Krokus with the real Krokus sound, writing real Krokus songs again.

Induring a break in his Krokus Reunion duties, Marc joined Manfred Ehlert's Amen to release an album in the same year. Connect me to people I follow on Twitter?