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Therefore in a case, say, where a cylindrical block is being connected to a larger block, it would be wise to the assign the master patch to the cylinder, so that its cylindrical shape is correctly preserved. This is a block face of zero area which creates a patch with no faces in the polyMesh, as the user can see in a boundary file for such a case.

Merging overlapping patches The consequence is that the original geometry of the slave patch will not necessarily be completely preserved during merging.

There arespatial Mesh Blocks covering Australia with most residential Mesh Blocks containing approximately 30 to 60 dwellings. The proposed new Australian Statistical Geography will be built up from Mesh Blocks and be composed of a hierarchy of geographical units that will fulfil all the functionality of the present ASGC.

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Mesh Blocks have been designed to be small enough to aggregate accurately to a wide range of spatial units and thus enable a ready comparison of statistics between geographical areas, and large enough to protect against accidental disclosure.

Experimental Mesh Blocks from the Census of Population and Housing are now available; the usual residence population and total dwellings are provided for each Mesh Block.

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For example, it is anticipated that the CD will be replaced by a similar sized unit expected to be called a Statistical Area Level 1 SA1.

This release of Mesh Blocks is experimental and boundaries will be reviewed and revised in preparation for the Census of Population and Housing.

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This is simply done by exchanging the vertex number 7 by 4 and 6 by 5 respectively so that the block numbering would become: Let us say we wished to create a wedge shaped block by collapsing vertex 7 onto 4 and 6 onto 5.

Creating a wedge shaped block with 6 vertices The same applies to the patches with the main consideration that the block face containing the collapsed vertices, previously 4 5 6 7 now becomes 4 5 5 4.

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There are some additional recommendations to ensure successful merge procedures: The patch should be specified as empty in the blockMeshDict and the boundary condition for any fields should consequently be empty also.

The rules for merging are as follows: The release of data for aggregations of Mesh Blocks is still under consideration by the Census Program, see www. Mesh Blocks are intended to become a new building block of statistical and administrative geography.

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