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The intimidating presence of military force strongly contributes to the tension prevailing in the Territory. No means of intimidating the jurors was neglected, and in the then state of public feeling a verdict was hardly to be expected.

Since most men are less than perfect in so many ways, they will not feel so comfortable showing their imperfections to perfectionist women. Their treatment was reportedly intimidating other lawyers. And then subverting it again: The Star Wars movies have tons of Mega Corp.

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Aziraphale is an angel, so naturally he pays his taxes in a lawful and timely manner. Apparently, going to jail for tax evasion is a Fate Worse than Death.

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This is particularly true when they are concentrating on some other important task. Later in the film, well into the in-flight emeergency, they tell him he got an extension to file his taxes because he was "most definitely out of the country. He barely has a chance to catch his breath and patch his wounds when the taxman shows up to claim ten percent of it.

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The treason trial which opened at Zagreb in March pursued momenti intimidating parallel aims of intimidating the Serbs of Croatia, of splitting the new-found unity of Serb and Croat and of proving to the outside world the existence of a dangerous Pan-Serb movement organized from Belgrade inside the monarchy and amply justifying the countermove of annexation.

The secondary plotline of a Achille Talon album deals with a tax man showing up at his door for an audit of the last five years.

A plaintiff who prevails in a civil action brought pursuant to this section may recover both of the following: Strong individuals are willing to recognize and work towards opportunities where others may not.

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A woman who wears designer clothing, speaks in a certain way, drinks a particular type of drink, stays away from certain foods, and has a unique sense of style can be enough to out-class some guys.

So when there's an actual fog emergency, she has to actually work on the problem or face the ERS. Vetinari was considering putting Moist von Lipwig in charge of the city's revenue service. However, when this intelligent woman is extremely smart, she will naturally repel men who are not close to her level.

These folks are happy and secure without attention.

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Alternatively, intimidation may result from the type of society in which individuals are socialized, as human beings are generally reluctant to engage in confrontation or threaten violence.

The name was imported from Ireland, where it had been used to designate one of the Ribbon societies that devoted its energies to intimidating and maltreating process servers and the agents of landlords, and whose greatest activity was between and A woman who is friends with the governor, has lunch dates with celebrities, and spends time with the rich and famous can be very intimidating even if she is not rich and famous herself.

Description[ edit ] Threatening behaviors may be conceptualized as a maladaptive outgrowth of normal competitive urge for interrelational dominance generally seen in animals.

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For instance, the law of the state of Michigan reads: Men hardly want to get serious with women who are into exotic dancing, prostitution, or any profession that involves her removing her clothing. Live-Action TV In an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun the Solomons discover that they have to pay taxes after three years of blissful ignorance.

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Excuses are not acceptable Strong people forge ahead — regardless of the fallout. The strong among us dislike judgmental or artificial comments and behaviors. Also Holly plays a prank on Lister claiming that spaceships from NORWEB are coming after him for his " crimes against humanity " leaving a light on for three million years.

As this conspiracy gave the IRS Largo's records, enabling them to seize his assets, the IRS unknowingly but willfully participated in high treason. Many of their battle droids, such as the hailfire droid and NR-N99 tank droid were originally built in order to get payments from reluctant clients.

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In an issue of The Astonishing Ant-Mana group of veteran villains tell the new Magician that he's going to need a good accountant if he's gonna be a supervillain. I've seen them do it!

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Intimidating an opponent in combat is a standard action. In Apollo 13during the astronauts' broadcast from deep space, pilot Jack Swigert casually mentions that he forgot to file his taxes before the April 15th deadline.

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In the next issue, Wally contemplates the possibility of nailing the Joker on this basis. Rampling attest to her tremendous strength. For example, in Oregon a violation of the state criminal statute for intimidation results in a civil violation. Honest shippers support it too since with this agreement, the tax they would have to pay disappears and they receive limited privateering powers to help enforce "Smuggling With a Smile" alongside the authorities.


When he lost his store I lost my job. These sights and sounds had no depressing or intimidating effect on him; on the contrary, they stimulated his energy and determination.

Jim and the twins end up breaking into the tax service's archives and destroying their files, thus eliminating any case the taxmen have against them. Instead, strong people simply do what needs to be done.

After getting to know them and falling in love with the Farmer's Daughter Mariette, he decides to try to help them pay their debt off, but his superiors get annoyed with his "unprofessionalism" and replace him.

At the same time, strong people rarely accept ignorant attitudes in others. I'd guess he'll think twice now before intimidating Ms.

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What do you do with the candle drippings? Another storyline revolves around Sid trying to get around an audit by pretending to be Ernie, his nephew. In fact, that actually happened to Al Capone. When one of them learned he desired to become a police detective, they pulled strings so he'd get the job.

Over the course of the arc Largo discovers another criminal conspiracy - this time to place thousands of American companies under the control of Libyan terrorists, with the ultimate goal of all of them declaring bankruptcy on the same day during an economic crisis while the backers escape with the cash.

The refugees reported intimidating tactics by elements of the Burundi Army. Fortunately, Lorenzo and Mariette find out that the government bought 30 horses from the Larkin's ancestor during The American Civil War and never paid him.

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Amazingly, they actually live up their reputation when the magical world getting exposed allowed them to find out the Nightmare Factory had not paid all of their taxes and thus, fully knowing what they were doing and who they were dealing with, seized all their solid and liquid assets in Italy and disseminated information on how to do this to their worldwide counterparts.

If you fail the check by 5 or more, the target provides you with incorrect or useless information, or otherwise frustrates your efforts.

Everybody has to pay taxes. Think they're intimidating with their secret phones.