world of warcraft nerd definition | What does world of warcraft nerd mean? world of warcraft nerd definition | What does world of warcraft nerd mean?

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It was about 10 minutes long. They are however piss easy to play as in pve since they don't need to give a shit about mana since rage generates itself in combat.

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Nerd dating world of warcraft thing that a Beast Master can do that the other hunters cannot is tame exotic beasts. Can't do any damage. Basically, this class gives you a good reason to bring 8 year olds who know nothing about Jackie Chan except that it is famous and fuck everyone up for not learning how to grow balls.

He is a level 75 blue and dating headline examples women bird that can be found in several different locations around Sholazar Basin. They resemble to asians and are loved by many The damage will suck, and your teammates will scream at you because you used an offensive move, so that you could use your defensive skills.

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All druid names are a pun on "tree" or "kitty". Do you, Timothy, take Jamie to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in everlasting matrimony?

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Does even less damage than Blood and Frost. Can heal himself better than a raid-geared healer could, which of course makes them very balanced in PvP.

Also, the lulziest class in the game.

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The other ridiculously faggoty elf race of the game. Enjoy doing less damage than the tank spec. Classes and Talents[ edit ] After choosing a race, the player is given the choice of what class they should choose for their character. Unfailingly hilarious; some examples that actually exist: The tank of the game.

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Related Post Will these geeky wedding vows save your ceremony? They are as useless as warriors, as Blizzard was creative enough to make them exactly like such. These hunters have wonderful sexual experiences with their pets, which motivates their pets to fight harder.

Spam other abilities that don't do shit. So I wrote a WoW-inclusive ceremony for them.

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Nowadays nobody plays this area unless they have to. You capture poor, defenseless animals and make them your slave.

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Surprisingly, neither does the Horde. You specialize in giving AIDS and cancer to all fucking players while slowly sucking their cock.

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These are the hands that will give you support and encouragement to chase down your dreams and destroy the Lich King. Requires being able to hit five buttons four if you're Destruction specthose wacky warlocks! If you enjoy being a huge, overpowered faggot, warlockery is for you.

Another amazing bird of prey that you can tame is Adona.

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Death Knight names are possibly the best thing about the game. These are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still give you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.

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Olm the Wise is another rare spawn that was added in 5. While the Blizzard Employee was writing code for the Death Knight, he realized that all files have completed downloading and decided to choke the chode rather than design a playable class.

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This class is only played by 13 year-old boys. However, everyone knows that makes it an even greater achievement once you are able to tame it.

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Priest The whiny healing bitch. Needs to do damage to heal. What greater thing is there for this Shaman and Paladin than to feel that they are joined together, to strengthen each other in all trials and quests, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in happiness.