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One man's determination to make a difference grew onkyo usa bose hookup an odyssey that has left a legacy of generations performing acts of kindness, saving exponentially more human beings than Winton ever imagined when those first trains left Prague.

The film focuses on one man, Nicholas Winton "Nicky"who singlehandedly rescued primarily Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in just a few short months.

This was clearly a labor of love for the production team.

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Slovak cinematographer Dodo Simoncic has shot 40 theatrical and television motion pictures, and his experience shows in the almost-palpable sensitivity which leaps off the screen in the telling of Nicky's achievement.

Winton, now years old, did not speak about these events with anyone for more than half a century. House of Representatives passed H.

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Winton's story is a very emotional one, and thousands of children in many countries have decided to follow in his footsteps and do something important. His exploits would have probably been forgotten if his wife, fifty years later, hadn't found a suitcase in the attic, full of documents and transport plans.

The details of how Winton was able to save so many, and have such an impact on the world today, were lost to history for a half century.

The first turns you on to a story you knew nothing about. Nicky's Family tells the dramatic story of the Kindertransport, a mission to save children from Central and Eastern Europe as Hitler rose to power in the late s by secreting them onto trains to the United Kingdom.

Nickyho rodina (DVD)

For nearly 50 years, he kept secret how he rescued these children, not even his wife knew anything about it. Winton, a wealthy but unassuming British entrepreneur without many political concerns, was off on a ski trip to Switzerland in when he changed plans to meet up with his friend Martin Blake in Prague, who saw the swastikas on the horizon and was helping Jewish refugees out of the country.

Dozens of Winton's "children" have been found and to this day his family has grown to almost 6, people, many of whom have gone on to achieve great things themselves. As homes and businesses were destroyed or commandeered by the Nazis, and as unwitting, otherwise law-abiding citizens began to be crammed into ghettos and shipped off to transit camps on the way to more horrific locations as yet unknown, families were often broken up to fulfill the needs of the regime.


Nicky's Family InSir Nicholas Winton personally and by his own initiative saved the lives of children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and brought them across Hitlers Germany to Britain.

They think up various charity projects and even help in the saving of lives of undernourished and sick children in Cambodia and Africa.

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It's all in Nicky's Family, and viewers will be moved to tears by what one man was able to accomplish, and what those he saved -- and their children, and children's children -- have done to repay his generosity and kindness.

There's a wealth of information packed into this movie but it never overwhelms the viewer or feels rushed. The recreated historical scenes look breathtakingly authentic, unlike similarly structured documentaries which often resemble amateur home videos more than serious, professional films.

Untold story of the humble man who saved a generation 9 January by larry — See all my reviews There are essentially two kinds of documentaries.

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He also is an immensely compelling symbol of how the caring of one man can truly make a difference. The Nazi campaign was beginning to exert its influence on the local population, turning neighbor against neighbor as Hitler's disciples marginalized those who didn't fit his Master Plan -- not just Jews, but also Czechs and Slavs, Gypsies, and homosexuals.

Nicholas Wintons fascinating story, even 70 years after the events, continues to inspire people to make this world a better place.

It quickly became apparent to the year-old Winton that there was a narrow window of opportunity in this pre-war period during which he could use his connections, communication skills, and business acumen to help shepherd the doomed children out of the country before the fate of these innocents was sealed.

Nicky's Family reveals not only the tenacity with which Winton pursued this seemingly impossible task but also the tremendous luck involved in such a massive undertaking.

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It is incredible that all these people live due to the heroic deeds of one man - Sir Nicholas Winton. The story only emerged in when the BBC broadcast a thrilling show about the first meeting of approximately one hundred of the rescued children with their secret rescuer about whom they had known nothing for 50 years.

But how we have come to know "Nicky's" story, as well as what it took to save theis best discovered in the viewing of the film -- the awe-inspiring undertaking, filled with happy accidents as well as cunning craftsmanship, needs to be seen to be believed.

Minac and Pass have crafted a literate script that captures every nuance, each dramatic twist and turn along the way towards freedom for these children, without sacrificing historical accuracy.

Sir Nicholas Winton passed away on July 1.

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At agereluctantly, even now, he finds himself surrounded by extended families who, quite literally, would not exist today if not for a simple idea. Today he is often called Britains Schindler.

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May his kind soul rest in peace. Unlike Schindler and Wallenberg, Winton is today still alive and well atand still diffident about why he kept his secret for so long. The original score by composer Janusz Stoklosa is magnificently haunting and perfectly matches each time and place as the story unfolds.

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It achieves this through a cleverly constructed three-layered approach: The film features dramatic reenactments and never before seen archival footage as well as interviews with a number of rescued children, Sir Nicholas Winton himself, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nobel Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel.

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Call it a revelatory experience. Today the story of this rescue is known all over the world. The second documents an incident you've heard of -- maybe even have read about or studied -- but uncovers facts that are not only new to you but also put a completely different perspective on what you thought really happened.