Nina Dobrev gets close to Tim Tebow on 'Lip Sync Battle' - Nina Dobrev gets close to Tim Tebow on 'Lip Sync Battle' -

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We were friends long before we dated and we still are now.

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Last year, Nina spoke about the split with Ian to E! Even though there were rumors of Dobrev going back to Ian Somerhalder, in the last few weeks it looked like that Stowell and Dobrev are settling down together.

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Nina Dobrev dating news: Vampire Diaries Star Dumps Tim Tebrow For Ian Somerhalder?

On Valentine's Day, she posted a snap of herself surround with her girl friends, which contained the telling hashtag 'Happy GALantines day. Tropez trip gentibus latino dating July 'I love him and the friendship is still strong and I think he's great and I care about him.

The media was full of news of Dobrev dating Austin Stowell a few weeks back. Now the newest entrant in this arena is Tim Tebow.

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She recently went on a Hawaiian holiday with gal pals Jessica Stam and Jessica Szhor, and her now former beau did not appear to be in attendance. The Bulgaria-born actress previously dated Dancing with the Stars star Derek Hough as well as her former on-screen leading man, Ian Somerhalder.

So far, the movie with Vin Diesel is the major blockbuster role she has since leaving The Vampire Diaries.

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There were rumors that the duo will be tying the knots soon. And that didn't change. Nina came to the Super Bowl 50 yesterday dressed as a football player and played the role of a perfect cheerleader.

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If she does join The Originals series, she and ex-flame Ian Somerhalder may start all over again even after their breakup nearly four years ago. In another development, Dobrev is slated to play the character Rebecca in the action film xXx: Tim Tebow too was present there and the duo exchanged pleasantries.

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In the show, the audiences started speculating when Dobrev invited her opponent Tebow in a sensuous manner. The way they were: Newssaying, 'I've said this before, that we didn't break up because anything bad happened or because there wasn't love or friendship,' Fun in the sun!

More recently Nina, 27, shared a snap of herself in January kissing the Whiplash actor during a winter holiday on the slopes.

The actress and the NFL free agent will perform Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

Sign up to get the latest news delivered to your inbox every week! Hollywood insiders have been saying that both still have feelings for each other. Nina Dobrev dating news: Currently, there are more headlines of her dating status than her career as a professional actress. Morning ledger reported that Tebow currently is single and there is a possibility of him hooking up with Dobrev.

Dobrev Instagrammed a snap of herself nuzzling with Stowell on the slopes in January However, that image became one of the final ones that she has posted on her Instagram account of the actor.

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But of course, we're on a teen drama show, everyone's going to look for drama. A surprising twist to their love story may even result to Somerhalder divorcing his wife Nikki Reed.

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Yes, we're professional and that's fine. The actor gave the Let's Be Cops actress a piggyback ride during their St. However, now the new rumors of Dobrev dating Tebow surely will create a lot of confusion in the love quadrangle.

As reported by Sportsrageousthe actress reportedly ditched Tebow so she can put more time and energy on her acting career.

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One thing is for sure, Dobrev is surely a sought after lady as Austin Stowell and Ian Somerhalder both have been trying to woo her. Or was he singing it for her? Their steamy guesting could have lead to secret dating that most people were speculating but the latest roundup from rumor land suggests an end to the fling.

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She was supporting the team Denver Broncos and donned Broncos jersey with panache. Some observers think that Dobrev's recent career progress just makes quite difficult to maintain a relationship with the Broncos quarterback.

Meanwhile, Dobrev is reportedly mulling on going back to The CW network to take the role of Tatia Petrova in The Originals cast with the hope of raising the TV series ratings currently plunging to less than a million viewers per episode.

By Jenn Loro - 24 Mar '16 The Vampire Diaries actor is now married to actress Nikki Reed.