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They both felt that those pre-marriage dating relationships were painful, stressful wastes of time.

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In addition to being BarlowGirl's sole Christmas album, it is also the band's only album to omit rock music and have the sisters perform vocals only, despite implication to the contrary in the "Hallelujah Light Has Come " music video and in the album liner's band listing.

His wife MaryAnn supports him has he returns to school to pursue a graduate degree that will make him an in-demand new minister.

They take time to think about it, then sign it.

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The album comes to a close with the classic piano driven? After helping the girls record their first demo, Otto Price introduces them to Susan Riley, the founder of Fervent Records.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?. So they made the tough decision: Not only is this one of the best Christmas albums ofit? Dating does not equal sex.

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BarlowGirl songs are nearly all classics in the Christian music world, and are adopted by youth groups and tribute bands all over the world. He tests them out on this three daughters.

One Christmas Eve in the early s, their mother convinced them to spend the day shopping. It was then that they began a Christmas tradition of singing carols in four-part harmony with their four female cousins.

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Naturally, the girls eagerly awaited their 16th birthdays. It becomes huge radio hit, drawing attention to the cause of not dating.

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Becca plays guitar, Alyssa rocks the keyboard, and Lauren bangs the drums. Another record industry contact has the Barlow girls play a quick private concert for him in a church basement. On the green WOW Christmas album infans got a taste of just how BarlowGirl could rock a Christmas tune with their amped up version of?

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Hallelujah Light Has Come? Meet the Barlow Girls BarlowGirl is comprised of three sisters: The Barlow sisters explain that the rings represent their commitment not to date until marriage. Namely, they do not date, and they do not have sex.

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Each of the sisters are years apart in age. The Barlow sisters hang out with Superchic[k]. Otto Price also encourages Lauren to take formal drum lessons, makes Alyssa comfortable with being a bassist, and pushes Becca to try more solos.

For the remaining tracks, each of the sisters could include two of her favorite songs on the album. That disappointment inspired their hit song, "Never Alone.

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O Little Town Of Bethlehem Back when the Barlow sisters were in their early teens, the Barlow Family had a house rule: The Barlow girls meet Otto Price, the amazing man who would become their permanent and much-loved producer.

So the Barlow sisters begin learning piano. Click to add lyrics if not listed. Carol of the Bells? But just as Becca and Alyssa were surpassing and approaching their 16th birthdays each sister is 3 years apart in agethe Barlow parents MaryAnn and Vince Barlow sat the girls down and through them a curve ball….

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O Come, O Come Emmanuel? He notices a problem: Sing We Now Of Christmas?

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Their dad, Vince Barlow, gracefully demoted himself to band manager. You will learn piano first as a foundation, and then you can choose and instrument you like.

Somewhat insecure about their ability to play on their own, the Barlow girls start looking for opportunities to hone their skills.