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The explanation I was given was that the reason this resulted in an increase was statistic showed that pet owners that have had there pets spayed were more likely to make a claim in the future - absolutely ridiculous!

Our pet insurance reviews summary page will give you an idea of which pet insurance providers are popular as well how likely they are to actually pay out when you make a claim!

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Its policy for dietary supplements is more generous: I have a Rottie and was planning on getting him insured but was in the process of moving house so decided to wait a few months.

All at competitive prices, our service stands out from the ordinary as we ensure that each policy is tailored to your needs, ensuring you get exactly the cover you are looking for.

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The whole process was easy at a time when I didn't need any bother. Going through the entire top, most established Insurance websites; we will do all the hard work and provide you with quotes comparing all the major sites, so you are left with a stress free experience knowing that everything is being taken care of for you.

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The policy seems very good and a reasonable price. When asking about it they said it was the time of the policy I claimed so near the pet insurance review uk dating of the year Read more September 18, Asda Pet Insurance: Read more October 16, Pet Insurance Claims Survey Launched When you are choosing a pet insurance company for your dog, cat or rabbit there is one question that is arguably more important than any My claims have been dealt with very quickly and painlessly - exactly what is needed at a very stressful time.

They decided after numerous calls and e-mails that My claims are always processed very quickly, no chasing needed.

Whilst we will do our best to keep this website up to date you must check with the appropriate insurer before making any decisions. Figo was especially generous in this area: Our dedicated pet insurance comparison site makes finding and comparing pet insurance quotes a walk in the park.

It may not come as a surprise that no pet insurance policy covers pre-existing conditions.

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Furious isnt the word. Obviously this was funded by ourselves.

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They really do seem to care about your pets and do everything in their power to make the process as easy as possible. On to the fun bit It provides discounts for insuring multiple pets, adopting from an animal shelter or humane society, and if you are a veteran or active duty military member.

Which i believe shows some integrity on my behalf. Age and species had the biggest effect on premium costs.

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From Dog and Cat Insurance, to Multi Pet Insurance with all your pets all insured under one policy, you ensure that you do not receive those unexpected veterinary bills. Get a quote Multi Pet Insurance As a nation of animal lovers, many of us own more than one pet and multi-pet insurance can make it easier to manage all of your pet insurance policies with one provider.

For one, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that your pet will develop a condition that could be called pre-existing, and thus not coverable. Get a quote Dog Insurance In the event of an accident or illness, dog insurance will ensure you have the right level of cover for your four legged friend and can access the treatment they need quickly and easily leaving you to focus on getting them fit and well and not on unexpected bills.

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Are pre-existing conditions covered? Points to consider High premiums Because of its unique deductible structure, Trupanion has by far the highest monthly premiums of any of our top picks.

They dealt with the two claims within a week and I was reimbursed within 10 days. If you already have a policy with So i called today to say whats going on and was told they are still waiting for the itemised invoice.

They then left it a long time before telling me they had called me numerous times I had no missed calls from thememailed me no emails and posted a letter to me funnily enough this arrived a few days after the call to say they couldnt get in touch with my vets.

So my Vet did this. Again rubbish as every time i call they answer.

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Every e mail I received started with their condolences. I'm hoping it's not true as my little one has diabetes - so her condition is permanent.

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So they asked me to hold the line and oh shocker, they do have it all of a sudden. More Policy Search Search our pet insurance policy database for those policies which best meet your needs.

Many providers also offer discounts for doing so, meaning you can find the right level of cover for your pets at a great price.

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I took out this insurance and his limp came back, turned out this time to be elbow dyplasia on his front 2 legs. These changes affect new policies on offer.

Ensure that you keep them in tip top condition with the right insurance for their individual needs. We do not sell any pet insurance policies nor do we receive any commission from any insurance company.

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I have explained that when you take a lifetime policy you hope to stay with that insurer for the Pets lifetime. If you are looking for Pet Insurance that stands out above the average, then look no further. As I have not been ill, my owners have not as yet had to make a claim, but I do know that they are very confident that Lifetime will honour a valid claim.